Saturday, 4 September 2010

Come buy a dress from the crazy bird lady

It's the last day of the holidays tomorrow, and I had been planning for a week or two to write a thoughtful post about the subtle shifts in perspective the summer has brought me. But then I got distracted by the Kew catalogue. You know how I love a good catalogue. (If you do have a burning need to hear about my subtle shifts, let me know. But I somehow doubt they're of interest to anyone else.)

The theme at Kew this year would seem to be Rural Bonkers. Firstly we have this happy pair, playing tug of war with a washing line made out of a highly impractical thick rope. Drying on the rope are heavy woollen garments which are clearly meant to be patted back to shape and dried flat.

Is it only me that thinks the models in this photograph have a rather unexpected 'come hither' look for friends reading books on a staircase?

The door has just swung open, so the look must be for the visitor. "Hello, Mr Handyman. My friend and I were just standing inappropriately close on these stairs in anticipation of your visit. That's a lovely toolbelt you have. Perhaps you could leave it on, so that after you have taken us roughly you could have a look at the second stair, which seems to have a crack in the treads. Certainly neither of us dare bear weight on it."

The look on the woman's face below is more furtive. She is obviously in the process of stealing that chicken.

There's some interesting hairdressing going on, too. This woman has dead birds in her hair. Not only that, they're upside down.

The last photo I include for Jen of Knitters Knitters. What do you think, Jen. Could you pull this off?

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