Thursday, 2 July 2009

Oh happy day

Just two short years ago I sat down to write my first blog post. (I'm going to need you to read that, because we'll be referring back to it another day.)

(I didn't celebrate my one year blogiversary because it would have been a bit of a con. After all, I didn't write anything else for three months.)

To celebrate I promised a giveaway, and a giveaway you shall have. Naturally one of the items in the package will be coffee, from the lovely Atkinsons Coffee Shop (just look at that picture! How can you not love coffee when you get to buy it from there?). Tea, or fruit tea, is available as an alternative to those of you freakish hippies who have a problem with coffee. I won't take it personally. Oh no no.

Also I will send the winner the item of their choice from my Green Metropolis books for sale list, which you can view by clicking on the icon on the right. If you don't like any of those I have loads of stuff I haven't listed yet, from contemporary literary fiction right back to Chaucer. Or tell me what you like and I'll choose something for you and you can hate it and moan about me behind my back.

Come to think of it don't ask for the Chaucer. The Chaucer is a massive book, and it would cost me far too much to post. What, are you trying to bankrupt me?

There. That's enough I think, I don't want you getting all emotional and thinking "It's too much! It's too much! I don't deserve this!" and not bothering to enter.

To enter just stick your name in the comment box.

But everyone wins! Because I can give you all fruit! (Well, all of you in the UK, anyway. I can't send people in other countries fruit. I'm pretty sure of this, because I saw it once in an episode of The Simpsons.)

The other day I ordered a Graze Box to be delivered to me at work - a little letterbox-sized parcel of fruit, nuts and dried goodness. Mine had cherries, dried pineapple, chilli almonds and big fat juicy raisins - very, very yummy indeed and beautifully packaged.

Anyway the company sent me a code to offer friends a free box (usually £2.99). And you are all my friends, right? If you want one let me have your email address and I'll send you the code. (I have to admit to not being entirely altruistic here. They give me some money off if you use the code. But, hell, I'm buying someone coffee.)

Tomorrow, July starts around here for real.


  1. Oh gosh - Fly Lady scares me. I still feel guilty if I have a mucky sink.

    I like making yogurt though. And drinking coffee and reading books.

    Oh, and eating dried fruit. yes please to teh offer code.

    Now I'm feeling a bit greedy.

  2. Freakish Hippie, reporting in.

    Just for the record: I don't really like fruit all that much. Vegetables, yes. Fruit, mostly no. The chili almonds sound tasty, though. Also, I have my own Chaucer, so don't worry about it.

    And Flylady? Nope. Running: ditto. I would expire.

    My word verif is "dingeos," which is like "dingos," which means an Australian will win your contest.

  3. I managed to do flylady for about 6 months, then it slowly stopped and after a while I had to stop her helpful emails coming as they say in my inbox glaring at me......

    the hand in that coffee shop is just a bit scary don't you think.

    and yes please to the fruit xox

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  5. Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

    One glance at that picture and I am in lurve with Atkinsons Coffee Shop. Seriously. How can you stay away? I'd take my laptop, plop myself at a table, and stay all day, every day.

    I want your coffee, Coffee Lady. And one of your books.

    (sorry for the comment delete and repost. I left out an important bit the first time.)

  6. Yes please to the fruit code, and to the chance of winning coffee. Coffee is mostly what I'm consuming these days in a desperate attempt to shed poundage. I figure the shaking and jitters must be burining calories, right?

    I have Flylady'ed aplenty in my time. I found it did work, but I have lapsed. Now I direct her emails straight to 'Rubbish' and read her suggestions on the website. Sometimes I even follow them through ...

  7. fruit is rubbish.

    coffee is good.

  8. Happy Anniversary! And I'd love to be entered in the contest. Just carried Chaucer home from the US after eons of years, waiting for the right poundage of suitcase space to open up, so do completely understand the weight issue.

  9. Me, too. Coffee! I suppose I could send you some from here, too:

  10. The burning question is - Are you still on the Flylady wagon? It worked for me, but I have reverted to my slobbish ways. She was just too bloody irritating in the end.

    And yes please to the graze box code - I read about them a while ago and wanted to try one.

  11. I kinda know about Fly Lady, but I'm far too much of a slut to take it seriously!

    If there's coffee on offer, count me in...

  12. I'd love one of your books ... and some decent coffee ... and a nibble or two. Now off to look up flylady (??) x

  13. Can I just say mucho congrats on your bloggiversary? I aways knew you would be around for years - you had quality written all over you. (Sounds like an advert for a tattoo parlour)

    Do I have to have the fruit? I haven't been monitoring the fruit bowl recently and we have an issue with excess fruitage.

  14. Hope I'm not too late.... And hope I won't be banned for being a decaf gal.....

    Jo x


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