Monday, 2 July 2007

a few of my old New Things

Just a bit of backstory then

So far the new things I have been trying over the last year have been

1) Flylady ( - good god this is great. If I met myself 15 years ago I would slap myself around the head for saying this but I am now officially one of the most tedious people alive and I love breaking my housework up into 15 minute segments and using a timer like a clockwork Stepford Wife. Don't even get me started on how fantastic my feather dusters are.

2) Going to bed early. Really. Who would have thought it made you less tired?

3) Making my own yogurt. Actually this tastes really vile and yes, I am doing it right.

4) This anti-candida diet. I have been doing it for five weeks now and really, that's enough. I am a wreck. If this dizziness and anxiety is not a side effect, I really have something to worry about.

5) Stopping even pretending I can listen to Radio 1. Am I insane?

6) Running. Unless I am dizzy, in which case I am afraid I will fall in the canal.

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