Friday, 3 July 2009

Let the fun begin

Well, judging by the terror of Flylady displayed in yesterday's comments, I won't see any of you for dust after today.

I'm sorry. But the fates are aligned. Just as I re-read my very first blog post, I got an email from NaBloPoMo telling me that July's daily blogging theme was Routines.

How could I resist! Flylady is all about the routines, and I'm a bit out of control right now. And I always wanted to have a go at posting the hell out of myself. What would happen if I drivelled on pointlessly every day for a month?

Let's find out, shall we? And let's start our odyssey of tedium right here, with an inspiring video from the Flyster herself.

Don't get me wrong. Before I read Flylady's website I was convinced that everyone else cleaned all their house, every week, and there was no way I could keep up. I do like her routines. I just have a problem with the cheeriness, and the Hope, and the complete lack of irony.

Sarcasm is greatly needed in order to keep your house clean, I find.

What is going on in this video? Though I appreciate that someone other than me may find hope in the bottom of their sink (I am too miserable to find hope anywhere if I'm honest) this does not explain why they then choose to put kittens or children in on top of it.

It doesn't seem sanitary at all. Unless of course they are using their kitten as a fluffy cloth with which to apply Cif.

Anyway, in the absence of a dining room to dust (today's Mission) I have given the basement a cursory clean before I trotted down to the Scope shop with a load of old videos that I found in a box.

Why, now if I ever wanted to use the sewing machine I could actually get my legs under the table!

(Still time to enter my giveaway, by the way. I'm going to give you until Sunday.)


  1. I'm unmoved by a shiny sink, I have to admit. For me, having nicely scrubbed floors makes me feel calm and chaos free - plus you can't wash the sink while you're on a conference call!

  2. I agree about the FlyLady. I think her methods are good (not that I've had much success following them...), but I need a bit of sarcasm to temper all that sincerity!
    Maybe you should write an organizing/cleaning book for people who have a sense of humor....

  3. I'm a bit confused about the message in this video I know a woman who is a slave to her hoover. x

  4. I just wish I could see the bottom of the laundry room floor.

    Last time I looked at the flylady site it was so disorganized and unpleasing to look at. You make me think that she have upgraded her website. Now I'll have to go look.

  5. Do you mean you are going to post every day for a month?

    Or have I drunk too much red wine?

    It IS Saturday night here btw not morning.

  6. Well you inspired me. I pulled the sofa out and hoovered behind it for the first time in longer than I care to admit. It was quite frightening, actually.

    And that's quite enough for one day.


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