Saturday, 4 July 2009

I'm not sure I'm doing this right

Today, according to Flylady, is Family Fun Day!

Hoorah! What fun we have had! We have taken the Littlest Latte to dance class. We have hung around for an hour, and then taken the Eldest Latte to dance class.

We have been to the fishmonger, the greengrocer, and the cheese shop. We have been to B&Q. We have been to the fabric shop twice, and have run up and down the stairs with various paint cards and fabric samples. We have eaten peanut butter sandwiches in front of the TV, and we have discovered that the car is leaking rather a lot of oil so we can't really go anywhere.

Which is a pity, because a trip to the tip would have taken the day beyond just fun. A trip to the tip would have been amazing.

(One giveway day left)


  1. what a pain about the car, hope it's fixed soon..

    loved the flylady video, clearly that's why I couldn't cope with her routines, I just hadn't watched the videos......

    we spent an hour and an a half next to a very hot swimming pool... family fun for some.......

  2. Yes, nothing says 'family fun' like a trip to the tip!

  3. That must mean every Saturday is family fun day - because swap ballet for soccer and your day is so much like ours...

  4. Coffee lady!! For what wonderful project do you need paint cards and fabric samples and step-sculpted thighs?
    Fwiw, going to the tip is my 4 and 2 year olds' idea of heaven. My 8 year old and I shake our heads in wonder and concern.

  5. If we don't get to the tip soon the neighbours are going to think I've started my own dumping ground for bits of old shrub and prunings in my driveway.

    We just returned from the playgroup sports day where I cam last in the mums' race and Mr DC came last in the dads' race. It took me right back to being 9 years old. Shudder.

  6. How is your Tupperware storage getting along? I hope that the lid/base ratio is working for you and that you have only retained a suitable amount for your family's needs...


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