Sunday, 5 July 2009


I am not insane. I am sure my neighbours think I am, as I hang my washing out in a downpour, but I am not.

It might clear up. Sunny skies may break through and I may find my washing crisp and dry when I come home from a day out. If they don't, I have a load of wet washing, which is just how I began.


  1. Ha ha ha - this really made me laugh! Who cares what your neighbours might think, I think this is GENIUS!!

    Jo x

  2. It makes perfect sense to me!

  3. I always have my washing out in the rain. Yes sometimes we all smell a bit mildewy, but no one ever complains to our faces so I'm sure it's fine.

  4. my neighbours are very stuffy about washing lines, they never hang their underwear out, goodness knows what they think of us.........

  5. At the moment we are dry and sunny here. They have threatened rain for later but I need to put the sheets on the line so ...

  6. Is it wrong that I have not hung washinbg out to dry for nearly 7 years? Ever since I moved into my current house which has a drier...
    Not very green, I know, but my excuse is that it takes less time to iron, therefore less electricity...


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