Monday, 6 July 2009

Stop throwing that dust around here, Mr Barrowman, we are trying to get things clean

Today is Home Blessing Day for those of you who give a monkeys about my Flylady month. Six tasks, from dusting to vacuuming, with each taking just ten minutes. The only way I could get a vacuum around my house in ten minutes would be to run around with it unplugged.

I am so very much looking forward to the BBC's new mini-series of Torchwood, which starts tonight, though not for the reason cited by Limecat. Five nights of sci-fi in a row! And there were three radio plays last week, which being the anal type of geek I am, I had to download.

But as to John Barrowman's (cough) charms, I find myself completely baffled. Especially after seeing him on Tonight's the Night, jumping around in a shiny suit with some grinning back-up dancers, looking for all the world like Shane Richie.

However it's a good job somebody fancies him, because practically all the new characters the Torchwood team meet in the radio plays are his character's former lovers. It seems that his - ahem - winkle is one of the main plot protagonists. Where would they be without it? Who on earth would they find to talk to?

(Winner of my blogiversary giveaway is The List Writer, who has the Random Number Generator to thank for her success. Now I need to know what book/ coffee coarseness she requires...)


  1. I shined my sink today, you inspired me that video. it stayed shiny for 10 whole minutes.....
    oh how I am looking forward to a week of tv escapism, hurray for Torchwood, now I just need to learn to set the recorder so I can not miss it on Friday night, as we will be out - out I know, unbeleiveable......

  2. Would I be drummed out of the CoffeeLady fanclub if I confessed that I find Torchwood completely terrifying?

    Possibly it is the thought of John wotsisface's winkle that scares me so ... well, that or the monsters.

  3. Oh, he is amazingly sexy in Torchwood. I would like the be the jam in the sandwich between him and Ianto...

    Ahem...I DO like Torchwood for its visual imagery and script of course...

    I have given you an award - take a look at my blog.

  4. I am sooooooooooooo in love with Torchwood! I can not wait! BUT i have to agree with you my dear, Mrs Coffee, john is not for me. If I was a gay man, yes! As a straight woman, no. Ho hum, it takes all sorts and does not deter me from watching Torchwood all week!

  5. Oooh, wow! Cool! Thank you! Shall ponder on the book, but coffee suitable for a filter machine would be most lovely. Thank you indeed :o) Shall email you.

    Not a fan of John Barrowman. He has those perfect and slightly too-big white American teeth, that make me nervous about how much he likes going to the dentist.

  6. I have never heard of anything or anyone that any of you happens to be talking about...maybe I just landed on another planet? A planet where people in shiny clothing sprinkle stardust while assuming a rather jaunty (perhaps even girlish) pose? Of course, my own particular planet is too busy being bizarrely obsessed with an unfortunate deceased celebrity whose physical appearance was even wackier than Mr. Shiny Suit's...

  7. P.S. Clearly I have failed as an American: my teeth are neither white nor especially large. Phooey!

  8. I've never watched Torchwood before, but I happened to be ensconced on the sofa last night and indulged. Jury's out on how fab it is, but I do find Mr B curiously watchable. Or perhaps I am just keeping an eye on his big white gnashers to make sure they don't get me.

  9. I have no idea what you are talking about either.

    Except for that Fly Lady stuff. And you know what I think about that.

    So my favourite part - because you might have been writing about me - was the vacuuming in ten minutes/running around line.

    That I am stealing.

  10. I know where he lives! But have never watched Torchwood...or Dr Who!
    Note to self: don't read your labels with a mouthful of coffee!

  11. Hey, you turned me on to the FlyLady, but I'm slow in adopting the habits. I did right away start with swish and swipe because I HATE cleaning bathrooms. That alone has been worth it, so thank you!! :) Silke
    P.S. I've never heard of Torchwood...

  12. Oy! I don't fancy John Barrowman. "Lovely" doesn't neccessarily mean "please join me in my boudoir". It also means "what a nice young man, and aren't his table manners delightful".

    I also said Gwen was lovely too.

    Actually, I'm beginning to wonder if you even read my blog post at all.

    (Tosh was my favourite).


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