Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Permission to stop

I'm tired. A heaviness has descended over the last day or two. And this is where Flylady really comes into her own.

The washing is hanging on the line, soaked by a pouring rain which started at 1pm. But that's okay - they're not the only clothes we own: a load of washing a day has meant we are never desperate.

The kitchen looks like somewhere we could eat breakfast; there are no things to trip us on our way up the stairs.

The best thing is, I hardly feel to have done anything. Just a couple of minutes, here and there, and we seem to have things under control.

I can stop for today. There are things to do, but they will be done another day. I don't even have to worry about when - I'll be told when it's time.

Because when you need to stop, you need to stop. There's no other way. Take it from someone who has had quite enough of being ill - looking after yourself is the most important thing you can do.


  1. Rest is good. Recognising that you need it and giving yourself permission to take it is even better. Especially with 7 weeks of school holidays about to start ...

  2. Take good care of yourself, gal pal...

  3. You know, you are the first person EVER that has possibly enticed me to look at Flylady. I may do it, I just don't know...I am not a routine kind of person.

    I am not a stopping kind of person, either, so could you take a break for me while you are at it?

    Take care of yourself!

  4. Sounds like Flylady has alot to answer for!

  5. Okay, you've convinced me. It's the shoes I can't stand -- I like to walk around my house in my slippers. (I can probably ignore her shoe advice.)

  6. Hope you are OK friend across the seas..

  7. Don't you dare overdo it. :stern look:

    Hope you didn't miss naked John Barrowman last night ;-)


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