Thursday 27 August 2015

Holiday, interrupted

We're not supposed to be here, but Eldest, Littlest and I are currently sitting on the sofa, binge-watching The Big Bang Theory, and occasionally yawning. It's a quarter to two in the afternoon, and we're still grazing on breakfast. We're meant to still be on holiday in Wales, but due to an unfortunate vomiting-in-the-tent incident the Lattes suddenly had nowhere to sleep, and we had to drive home at 2 in the morning.

Mr Coffee is back in Wales, gathering up the remains of our holiday. It was lovely - very low-key, with a little bit of campfire marshmallow-toasting, some surprise rock-scrambling, a bit of charity shopping action and a pasty-based picnic in the woods. Also quite a bit of cloud-watching, as the skies darkened and brightened in a completely random fashion; and driving through the most stunning views possible.

And castles. We like castles.

It's been an unplanned summer - I think The Big Bang Theory has been the strongest element. Juggling work and children over the holidays has left little time for adventure; or maybe I've just not made the time. It's easy to get caught up in busyness, in routine, in trying to stem the flow of stuff on the floor and cat poo on the lawn. There's a song we've been listening to, after seeing the singer Yvonne Lyon on holiday - Enjoy, not Endure. Click on the link and listen - it's been going round in my head for days and it has a lyric that I really need to carry with me a little more. (She also wrote The Coffee Song - how could she not be one of my favourite musicians?!)

I've done a bit of sewing recently - it's all very well to read sewing blogs, and discover how people with endless skill and seemingly endless time (and slightly less endless waistlines than mine!) run up perky dress after perky dress with smiling ease. After a bit of a sewing break, I've been trying to be more realistic. I realised that some of my fabric stash could be happily turned into a series of Heather Ross Summer Blouses, which are the things I reach for every summer day to throw on with jeans. I ran up three before the summer, and the simplicity of a summer 'uniform' made me incredibly happy.

A year or so ago, I developed a serious envy of Nancy's floral Japanese dress, and even went so far as to buy some vaguely similar Liberty print to make my own. But in my heart I knew I would never find the time for something so detailed. Then just before the holidays, when amazingly I had a rare (and I mean blue-moon, hen's teeth, sky-blue-pink-with-yellow-dots rare) child- and work-free day, I came across the Seamwork Mojave dress, which promised to be done and dusted within 2 hours. And so it was (with the addition of some back darts, to stop it looking like a nightie) that the pattern was made, and even some ric-rac was added, just to rip off Nancy even more.

I'd put it on again if I could, and take a better picture - but it's currently in Wales in our abandoned tent, ready to be rescued by my husband. I don't envy him the task of facing the horror of our tent in the full light of day, but I do wish I'd had a proper chance to say goodbye to our holiday view.


  1. Ew, vomit in a tent. I'm so glad for you that you don't have to clean it up!

    1. I had the sleeping bag to contend with on its return....

  2. Sounds like a Bean family holiday!

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  4. Sorry the holiday came to such an abrupt end. Wales is lovely isn't it, we had a week there earlier. I completely understand what you say about getting caught up in the busyness of doing the stuff that needs doing and not fitting in anything else. I'm feeling more than a little guilty about this at the moment. Lovely blouse, well done you, I wish I could make things I could actually wear. And a dress in two hours, wow! Very impressed. CJ xx

  5. Oh god. The tent tale. How grim was it?

    A dress in a few hours? I'm burning with envy. Also all the blouses.

    We need to meet soon xx

  6. Don't sew, don't camp...I think you seem doubly talented.

  7. We might have had a spectacular case of husband chickenpox once... But vomit in a tent? You win. Lovely lovely clothes. You're making me want to sew...

  8. That is one of the many camping associated hazards that had not crossed my mind. Coffee grounds are supposed to be good for removing the smell. And baking powder and vinegar.

  9. I am sorry, we had an Easter Egg incident a tent, doesn't sound quite as bad as yours but youngest was brought home and I felt very guilty that I was able to have a bath and sleep in a proper bed that night......

  10. oh your sewing is so very lovely! you are one clever thing! hope the clean up went ok x

  11. It is very good to see you about again but I am totally with Sue about camping.

  12. Camping and sewing. I refuse to do both. Brave you!

  13. Haha sounds delightful. Put some pics up of the dress if your hubby brings it back safely lol


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