Monday, 30 November 2015

Ceci n'est pas une blanket

So I was up here googling for Advent meditations and it struck me that I really should tell you all about my blanket.

I had this blanket. It belonged to my great-grandmother, and it was warm, and heavy, and warm. Good grief it was warm. If we were really cold in bed or whilst camping, we could put it over the other covers and WOOMP. It was warm.

But also it was old, and a bit marked, and a bit scratchy. And down on the sofa we were a family of four fighting over one big quilt, whilst I laboriously paper-pieced another which we've been waiting for since a year last August. So I followed a tutorial for lap duvets on the Purl Bee, and wrapped the whole heavy warm thing up in some Liberty fabric I'd bought when I found it for a bargainous price even though I had no idea what I'd do with it.

Anyway I'm now snuggled up in bed under it and I have to tell you, I am sweltering. But I am sweltering under a lovely Liberty blanket, rather than a scratchy historical artefact, so in these terms it's a complete success.

In other sewing news, I also made a wintry scene out of see-through fabric and bits of white. This was entirely because a lady at church asked me to, and I was far too English to tell her that I didn't embroider and didn't have time, instead saying, "Ooh lovely, I'll have a play" as if I had all the time and embroideriness in the world.

And I enjoyed my play; I did. It didn't take as long as a quilt or even as long as a blanket. And it's Advent now, and I need to go find those meditations I came up here to look for, so I'll go, boiling hot under a blanket, contemplating my wintry scene.


  1. a liberty lap duvet. AND embroidery .
    good grief.

  2. I love your Magritte-esque title. I think we must keep our house far too hot because I've never felt the need for a blanket. Slippers, certainly but not a blanket. I love your Liberty solution to its scratchiness and I adore your frosty embroidery, reminds me of the things my mum got up to when she was doing a City and Guilds course in embroidery.

  3. It is very good to see you blogging again. I must say that your embroidery skills are not lacking at all, that is a splendid vignette. And, your solution for the blanket was inspired.

  4. I hope you found your advent meditations... I totes love your blanket... I'm sweltering under a bamboo wadded quilt (yes wadded is a word... as from now) ... I like being warm. take care, write soon.


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