Saturday, 2 May 2015


It's raining. Which is inconvenient, because I was going to potter in the garden, and instead I'm under a quilt watching My Little Pony with Littlest. Did I say 'inconvenient'? I meant 'a good excuse'.

I'm no good at pottering. What seems to consist to other people of cushion-plumping and deadheading beautiful flowers, turns out in my case to be picking up detritus from around the house, attempting to put it in its rightful place, or fighting with dandelions.

It's a chore, pottering. Chottering? Is that a word? I think it should be. Bringing together the two constants of my life - endlessly doing chores whilst simultaneously achieving nothing - I have decided it is a word.

I chotter in the garden. I chotter in front of the sewing machine. I chotter around the kitchen. I chotter. You chotter. He chotters. They chotter. (No - scratch that. They do not chotter. If they refers to my children, they spend their lives on YouTube watching gospel singing or adults opening Kinder Eggs.)

Here is my garden. I planted a flower and grew a chair.

Here I am growing salad. On the left there, in the biggest 'V', I'm growing mizuna from seed. I don't even know what mizuna is, but it seems that I'm growing quite a lot of it.

I've been following planting plans from a book called One Magic Square, because I only have four little squares for veg, and I'm not very good at tidy rows. Below is my pea, broccoli and spinach square, planted before I realised that the mesh wotnots I'd bought to keep the cats off wouldn't go over the peas.

Behold my plastic pods. Getting back to nature is so rewarding.



  1. A lot of tiresome chottering here too usually, although this week I completely ran out of steam and ended up with my head on the table and my eyes closed. Not sleeping or anything, just, you know, re-grouping. It will mean extra chottering next week though. CJ xx

  2. I don't fight dandelions. I let them grow as big as they like and then I feed them to the chickens. as for youtube - my children seem to be using it for - the boy - watching cute kittens, the girl - make up videos.........

  3. When you figure out what mizuna is, won't you let me know? Kinder Eggs too, for that matter. We just use YouTube to watch lip sync contests...

  4. I could be cushion-plumping and deadheading beautiful flowers just now, but I'm happy I chose to read your post instead. What a fine wheelbarrow.

  5. jealous... your garden's growing...nothing isgrowing in mine...I think the cats dig it all up when I'm in bed...

  6. I'm really sorry about My Little Pony. Truly.

  7. 'chottering' it should definitively be a word. And I don't think Thomas the Tank is much better than My little pony, which is what I was made to watch for years...


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