Monday, 14 February 2011


On my desk in one of my offices (oh! the joy of my 'portfolio career'!) I have somehow inherited a calendar with a motto for each month. February says: "Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon".

Okay then.

How I love my cupcake stand! Tacky as hell. Six quid. What more could a girl ask for?

I must admit to a flicker of envy when I read Alice's post about how she had just discovered Bill Granger. I remember those heady, exciting days when we started out together, and everything was a whirl of glazed broccolini. After a few years though, Bill and I have settled down, become more comfortable with one another. But he can still surprise me - as evidenced by his shortbread kisses, above.

Add friends and fizzy wine, and we were good to go.


  1. I have a cupcake rack very similar to yours which fits an odd number, so that my perfect dozen of Nigella's easy cupcakes are not enough and I have to stick a tealight or something up top to make it pretty. (I don't have a pretty cake plate like your dotty one though)

  2. Now why didn't I read your post before I made a batch of regular cookie dough which is sitting in the fridge chilling and is now bound to feel ever so slightly disappointing, no matter how cute the biscuits I had planned turn out.

  3. I think those shortbread kisses might have to be on the menu tonight!

  4. oh I know what I'm doing this afternoon !

  5. LOL @ Stomper Girl, as I have the same stand with odd number ...
    it ended up in the very top shelf of the highest cupboard in the kitchen ... sigh.
    CL this is a very mouth watering post. Drool.

  6. Paola as I told Stomper Girl, my stand has 23 spaces. So if I bake 24, I just HAVE to eat one or they don't fit.


  7. Shortbread kisses with Bill Granger? I should be so lucky.

  8. Yikes! Save some for me, and I'll be right over.

  9. OK, how did you do that lovely fuzzy photography of your pretty heart garland?

    What is broccolini?

    So many questions.

    This post is like sommat out of the Hummingbird bakery.

  10. I feel handbagged.
    I'm just saying.
    Off to sob into my brownie mix.
    I hope that Orlando will take me back.

  11. Ooh my. I am feeling the need to give into this wave of Bill love. Off to Amazon I think.

  12. Those shortbread kisses are on my to-bake list (it's a very long list!). I love Bill Granger's recipes - his cakes and biscuits are always lovely, and several of the main meal recipes are becoming staples around here.

    The heart garland is very pretty too - I had ideas of handmade decorations after school with the children, but baby and dinner slightly too over. Oops.

  13. What a lovely collection of hearty goodies!


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