Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Love in tissue paper

My darling Valentine

It had been my intention to buy you flowers. But when I picked the Littlest Latte up from school and told her we were going to the florist, her face crumpled. She began to cry. She had had a hard day - so much writing, so many phonics. She was just too tired to make the trip. Couldn't we go home and do craft?

And so my only option was to get the tissue paper out.

It was only later - too late, in fact - that the mistake was discovered. Littlest had heard the word forest - not florist - and pictured an exhausting afternoon looking for wildflowers.

I don't think, on a windy, rainy February day, that even my love was strong enough for that.

(Tissue paper flower tutorial from here.)


  1. I got mine to melt lots of chocolate and then stick mini eggs into it. Everyone was happy - and frankly if my hubby won't remember Valentine's day then I think I'm justified in eating half his present.

  2. I made biscuits. They ate biscuits. There was something about love in there.

  3. I made a confection of chocolate and biscuits. I cut it up into small squares a put it in the freezer for another day. Actually it tastes even better straight from the freezer.....

  4. Gawd, I don't blame her AT ALL. Everyone knows Bad Things happen in forests, like your parents giving you away and leaving you to the mercy of weird old ladies who live in gingerbread houses.

    The faux fleurs are very good as well and will likely last longer.

  5. And we lit the candles that have been sitting there waiting since Christmas day!

  6. Agreed, that would have been too much.. Trudging through trees with a head full of lettersounds - I get that.
    I bet those roses were well received though!

  7. Your flowers will last much longer for sure!

  8. They're absolutely wonderful. So much nicer than one of those cold, damp, bug-filled forest flowers! (I love the idea of the forest simply being Too Much after a long day at school. I can relate to this, as my short ones often cry about going to the grocery store after school.)

  9. No 2 declared that Valentines day is for girls... but he still made me a card because down deep he knows that in the long run it's better keeping me happy.

    Crafty sod.

    No 3 made me a bookmark. " because it was quicker than a card".

    No 1 asked his father to buy me flowers.

    Who said romance is dead?

  10. Wait, TWO Valentine-themed posts?

    You're not going all sappy on us, are you?

  11. They're lovely! I made mine a meatloaf. Which we ate.

  12. <3 your blog!
    Stopping by from:

  13. you mean you sometimes go to the forest after school.? my children only ever want to eat and collapse on the sofa after letter sounds and algebra (the current evil school subjuect...)

    oh and I made the cookies. they were Good!

  14. I bought my other half some bacon.

  15. I say your flowers are much nicer than real ones, you MADE them!
    THAT is love.

  16. Very funny post. I love these little misunderstandings. Have enjoyed looking at your blog!


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