Friday, 21 May 2010

Robert Downey Junior made me ill

Did you wonder where I was? We went to the cinema to see Iron Man 2, and I came home and was violently sick.

To be fair, it probably wasn't Downey Jr's fault. It was either a bug, or the sight of poor Mickey Rourke, who looks as if he's been caught in a series of horrific fires.

After two days on the sofa sipping tea and watching old episodes of Frasier, I was feeling well enough to face the world.

And then I read Kate's blog about proposals to change reporting laws regarding rape and started feeling violently sick again.

The feminist in me demands justice. The convalescent in me calls for cake. Time to decide - what kind of a woman am I?


  1. I know what you mean about Mickey Rourke ... what the Hale and Pace happened? xx

  2. Can't you have justice AND cake? It's not an Eddie Izzard comedy bit, you know.

  3. I'd get sick, too, if I had to go see Iron Man.

    As for telling you what kind of woman you are...well...don't get me started. Don't EVEN get me started.

    My advice? Cake first. For the energy stores. THEN justice.

    First things first.

  4. You were puking? You'll puke more when you hear which film I'm going to see next Sunday.

    You have highlighted another hole in my knowledge. I look at far too many online beadshops when I should be reading about more important things. I'm off to do more homework.

  5. You could call yourself the Caked Crusader.

  6. Cake for recovery, then when you have your strength back, rant on. We wouldn't want a relapse ...

    Hope you're fully recovered by now,I am very behind with everyone and everything. Argh.

    PS I don't usually note these, but my word verification is "fruckt" which just about sums it up.


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