Saturday, 15 May 2010

In your face, Spring

The other day we went to the beach to play and have ice-creams. We ended up huddled round mugs of cocoa in a warm cafe.

Let's admit it. It's freezing. It might be May, it might look sunny, but the wind is biting cold. The last few mornings I have worn gloves on the walk to work.

So, a change of plan. We decided to work with what we had.


  1. Our kits is in a tangle of threads that resembles Santa's beard. It's good to see yours flying.

  2. Obviously, it's just a hunch - but, perhaps, going to Morecambe wasn't wise.

  3. We did this last month with two kites on a windy April afternoon. I remember it like it was just last month...

    2 minutes after lift-off:

    The string isn't LONG enough! The kite's just FLOATING there in the sky! Are we just going to STAND here? I'm FREEZING! My hands HURT! Can we go HOME now? I'm sorry, but this is BORING. Will someone TAKE this thing? My arms are TIRED.

    There was also the excitement of a break-away kite--which flew through the neighborhood, carried by the wind over trees and rooftops, and came to rest near a power-line.

    Ah, sweet memories.

  4. I have to admit that I have 2 kites in the boot of the car. I live int he NE on the coast it is always windy, so we have to make the most of it. Today has been glorious though

  5. Kites AND sunshine - you are spoiling yourselves. We only seem to get the kites out when the skies are grey and bleak.

  6. I think it is time to re- introduce the kite to our kids.

    Despite what eurolush warns of>>

  7. I have no kite. I am a bad parent.

  8. Dang, you got your kite up higher than we EVER have. Show-offs.

    It has been similarly cold, wet and miserable here. What gives?

    And Limecat, we are shot in the arse with kites. You can have some of ours.

  9. I have an 8 foot-wide parachute-style kite which is responsible for a whole new paragraph in the Health and Safety document at the last school I taught at. Don't ask...

  10. May? It isn't May. If it was May then my potatoes would not have been decimated by frost last week. Sob, wail.

    I got the worst string burn ever from a kite. Those things are dangerous. Someone should tell the HSE.

  11. Good onya!! Kite flying is so fun when there is WIND and the kites FLY!

  12. The view of the clear blue sky painted a smile on my face. How I miss playing with kite so much. It is one of the most enjoyable thing to do.


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