Saturday, 3 April 2010

Crafts for children - the talentlessness continues

On the last day of term, the Lattes had the option of taking decorated eggs into school. (We made these, but I'll leave you to imagine what ours actually looked like.)

When we arrived at school we found a small posse of children gathered around another child's egg. The egg in question was barely visible, due to being surrounded by a custom-made pink stretch limo, made of card, and complete with tinted windows.

I slid our egg surreptitiously into the hand of Eldest's teacher. "Here is our pitiful egg," I said to her. "I'm going to go home now, and we can pretend you never saw it."

I have made a pretty good fist of craft so far - for someone so woefully without talent, patience or imagination. Little effort was required - throw some sparkly bits and some glue on the table, add a few empty boxes, some paint, and a cup of coffee, and sit back making helpful suggestions. It was perfect idle parenting - and the evidence could be quickly put into the recycling after sunset.

But the bar is raising, thanks to other children and their damnable talented parents. They are oustripping my abilities, and my store of craft blogs (most of which seem to be aimed towards the pre-school end of the market.) If stretch limos are needed, I am well and truly screwed.

I am consoling myself with a hysterical amount of Easter cheeriness, after a mammoth session with scraps of felt and ribbon from The Parcel, and the production of an enormous amount of highly unnecessary baked items.

From here and here

Image and recipe here.

The buns looked nothing like the picture either. But somehow, I can't quite bring myself to care.

Have a happy Easter.


  1. When I was a children's librarian, the scariest part was the craft part of storytime, because I was so intimidated by all those mothers...I was convinced they all spent all their time thinking up increasingly intricate skills to teach their children...then I realised that all the parents who came to storytime, came precisely so that they would not have to do any other craft activity that week. These days, I just keep IKEA drawers stacked with things, and let the child who likes to make work it out for himself.

    I think all your things look lovely.

  2. Hey I wouldn't be so hard on yourself... is that little easter tree and those felt flowers and birdies YOURS??? If so, I am totally intimidated by you! First of all you actually sat down and DID CRAFT. Secondly, you BAKED. I am in awe. I bow my head to your superior craftiness. I am the queen of microwave-heated hot cross buns. xx

  3. Those blasted bar raisers! Have a Happy and chocolatey Easter - by the thirs mini-egg all the angst will be long forgotten!

  4. If you tell them that their creations are amazing they believe you. Children are so trusting.

    Don't ask me how I know.

  5. Happy Easter.

    I was brought up by a mother who disapproved of craft activities - too messy. I proudly continue the tradition.

    Of course, Passover craft often involves the depiction of the 10 know...blood, frogs, lice, hail, infectious cattle disease. For some reason I thought you'd like that better than the pretty Easter eggs, but maybe not.

  6. Happy easter, dear.
    At least you had an egg to take to school, I fear that I would have only remembered that requirement as I was dropping the kids off at school. Don't laugh - it has happened before.

  7. Look at all those craft things. YOu are officially a crafty mother, I can't do anything like any of those and plan to continue slinging glitter on the table as my only contribution to the craft efforts for many years to come yet.

  8. Did you make those felty things? That's amazing! (I would rather make Eleanor's felty toads and lice, too.)

  9. I love a bit of craft but I like to be sure of its provenance...child or adult, I don't mind, as long as I know who has accomplished the amazing feat of craftiness. I don't like imposters. My least favourite craft - Easter bonnets. I once took a holiday out of school term purposefully to avoid having to produce a hat.

  10. Hahaha! Thanks for your comment on my blog post... the Canvases were bought from an emporium... NO CHARLATAN am I! I remain (and always will) craftily challenged. However, I am good at FAKING IT! There is no sewer in me; I am the queen of the stapler and the glue gun along with the microwaved hot cross buns. My latest strand of sexy bunting for my kid's birthday party??? Made of coloured card and stapled over a strand of twine. Thankyou,thankyou. Yes I am brilliant. THough not a sewer, I can be very handy with a paintbrush and a microwave!


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