Thursday, 15 April 2010

Things you may or may not wish to know

  • I've been avoiding blogging for fear I will not be able to stop myself launching into a 80-paragraph feminist rant about Conservative plans for a tax break for married couples. As far as I can tell, my corner of blogland has not turned into a sloth of angry politicised bears. But if any of you want to see one, let me know.
  • The good thing about the General Election is that there is more of The Now Show, which is now playing every night. I do love a nice bit of satire, and once a week just doesn't cut it. But why all the men? Why do Mock the Week and QI and Have I Got News for You constantly present deskfuls of men, men and only men? I'm quite willing to believe that David Mitchell and Dara O'Briain are funnier than anyone else on the planet, but I'm pretty sure you could find any number of women who were funnier than Jeremy Clarkson, even if they had had their heads surgically removed.

  • Eldest has to make a World in a Box, complete with a river, before going back to school on Tuesday. I have no clue how to go about this. I think I'm going to have to ask for your help again - I call, ye sorceresses, &c, &c...
  • A friend and I took our children crab fishing. These are the crabs we caught.

    What makes this even more tragic is that we took three buckets with us to collect them in. But finding out that you could amuse children for an hour by giving them a string with a bit of raw bacon on the end? That was worth doing.


  1. oh you can amuse children for ever with a peice of string and some bacon once you actually catch a crab! we managed a whole week last year! listening the squeals as you let the crabs race back to the sea over unsuspecting toes has to be the highlight worth hours of being outside in an English "summer".....

  2. We caught tiny crabs in rockpools last year. You should have heard the screams when one slightly larger crab started to eat a tiny one.

    Hey! Maybe that's an idea for world in a box - a whole load of small animals fighting it out for dominance. Or a big box full of rubbish? Sorry, all the election coverage has turned me into a ranting lunatic as well.

  3. We've had much the same success with crabs and bacon. But it's good, splashy fun.

    And the word-in-a-box? Google diorama. And then quake in your boots. Good luck, and repeat to yourself 'it is not MY project'.

  4. Ha ha ha, about the concervative tax breaks. Me and MadDad think that this election is all one big farce!

    Crabs, we used to go crabbing with out the bacon and just use the reeds from the dunes and get bucketfulls.

    River, silver foil always comes to my rescue with water things

  5. That sounds bad, but wait until you've got people marching around with teabags hanging off their hats and misspelled signs calling Obama a Nazi. Then you'll know the endtimes are here.

  6. I spent my entire childhood dangling bacony string off Cornish piers and just look at the damage it has done to my self-confidence. Be warned.

  7. Bacon sounds so civilized! We used slightly old chicken necks for our crab bait when we were kids. Smelly stuff, but sure to entrance any cat nearby.

  8. Just a tip - I think the river should be one of those dry river bed types that's all pebbles or riverstones.

    I'm just saying.

  9. Crabs are overrated if you ask me. Sometimes they wave pincers about, walk sideways and bite you. That's about it.

    The world has gone mad this week. Volcanic ash cloud? Where are we? Pompeii?

    As for last night's debate the best bit has been the SNP's response to not being invited. They said it was 'boring'. I imagine they may also have said 'didn't want to go anyway, they're so IMMATURE'.

    I can email you some World in a box thoughts if you like.

  10. Oh and I agree, Sue Perkins and Jo Brand need some back up.

  11. I saw that empty bucket and snorted like a pig. It wasn't pretty.

    And then I read everyone's comments and snorted some more.

    Perhaps your World in a Box could actually BE Pompeii? Just scoop up some of that Icelandic volcanic ash, toss it into a shoebox and call it good. You're welcome.

  12. Ha! I must remember that about the string and bacon for when I go to Scotland in June!!

    And don't get me started on the election - who the hell I'm going to vote for I don't know, but I'm damned it I'm going to waste my vote.


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