Friday, 6 November 2009

Reasons to be stressful (part 2)

  1. I made pumpkin and ginger teabread this morning and it sank in the middle. I'm pretty sure this was not the plan. I haven't made it for a couple of years; I can't remember it sinking last time.
  2. Even if the cake is delicious, I can't eat any of it because I am on The Diet. Again.
  3. The Diet insists that this morning I eat a cold chicken breast for my elevenses. That's not right.
  4. Because school had an INSET day on Monday, I'm left trying to cram five days work into four. And failing.
  5. Apparently running and swimming breast stroke are Satan's gift to dodgy knees. Now I have to teach myself front crawl and buy a bike.
  6. I have nowhere to store a bike. Nowhere at all. Unless we count in the middle of the kitchen.
  7. Around this time last year I won a holiday to Chatsworth in a Mumsnet competition. This year I have won some sunglasses and a month's supply of Dole Fruit Pots. Now, these are very, very yummy, so much so that the Lattes may well have scoffed them all by Tuesday, but Mr Coffee is still muttering about Not Delivering The Goods.


  1. I, for one, couldn't even READ the diet. Kudos to you then.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I feel your pain about The Diet. I'm holding off on starting until after the holidays. I just can't stand the thought of denying myself Christmas cookies and Thanksgiving pie!

  3. If made you a biscuit in the shape of a chicken would that count for elevenses? I'm just asking.

    I made chocolate and pumpkin brownies last week, and from the tiny bits I've tasted they were also gorgeous. However since I'm also supposed to be cutting down, I haven't eaten any. And I've come to the scary conclusion, judging by how many are left after 4 days that when I bake, I am the only one who ever eats a significant amount of it. That explains a lot.

  4. Baking leads to eating, no matter what you do, you'll eat some sooner or later.

    Cycling good. If you think about it, of course running ruins your knees, especially as we all come to the conclusion that we should start running when we are heavier than when we stopped running. Cycling is low stress on your body, and you can get nice inexpensive bike through PedalPower, recycled, you might say. Also, your local council offers training courses from time to time
    It's really good and the woman who runs it is lovely. I used to do some work for them. And finally, if you get a child seat for child no. 2 and a tag along for chil no 1, then pull the rest of the paraphernalia behind, it would be really funny! Have you tried to learn the crawl? I used to be able to hear LAR walking when she was doing breast stroke, now she has gone over to the crawl (mostly) knees much improved.

  5. 1. Who cares what it looks like if it tastes good.
    2. Diets. I scorn them.
    3. That's a mortal blow to the soul.
    4. Ew. More caffeine, maybe?
    5. Okay, Eurolush Jr. At the risk of sounding like the elderly blob that I apparently am, what about...walking? Biking is great, but not exactly kind to the knees either.
    6. Middle of kitchen is good. You can hang pots on the handlebars.
    7. Ride your bike to the Lake District.

  6. I agree. Diets: never a good idea. Chicken at 11: worse. Caffeine: probably a good idea, but better with pumpkin ginger tea bread, I'll bet. Maybe you can keep the bike under the bed, and then you'll get extra points for all the work it is to get it in and out! More cake for you then!

  7. Oh, for godssake, eat the cake.

    When you mention that horrible diet in your posts, I'm guaranteed some fabulous comments in your comment box to read afterward. Badger's, from the last diet post, was priceless.

    Seriously, I think the reason you lose weight from that diet is that it's so damned depressing, you just don't have the will to eat anymore.

    What about nordic walking? It's all the rage here in Germany. Is your knee not up for that either?

    Hang the bike from the ceiling.

  8. Is the definition of a month's supply not all they can manage to eat in a month? How disappointing.

    Hang the bike from the ceiling on one of those pulley things - hauling it up will provide an extra workout and you can pretend it's a modern art installation.

  9. Wow, I struggle with food in the winter, that diet looks much more agreeable in the warmer weather. I like the sound of the ake, so have bookmarked it to try.

    Hmm the thought of getting my bike out in this wet weather has me shivvering too

  10. I suppose it really isn't awful, as far as diets go, but I did get sort of shivery reading that you're expected to begin the day with boiled water, and there appears to be no coffee on the menu!!


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