Friday, 7 August 2009

My new thing for today is... something we never saw coming

So. Things have been happening.

For a start, I'm five pounds lighter than when we last spoke. And I've made a change - not one of those little, piddling little changes that you read about in the self-help magazine articles, but the kind of massive, seismic life change that throws everything up in the air and leaves you wondering if you are still the kind of person you believed yourself to be.

We're talking about not taking milk in coffee.

Because I came to a realisation on day one of my diet (I only cheated once, by the way, in five days, when I decided I really didn't want a cooked chicken breast as my mid-morning snack and substituted a glass of wine in the cinema instead) that I was never going to lose any weight with the amount of milk fat swishing around inside me.

I love milk. I love playing with my milk frother. I love a latte when I'm out. And I don't like skimmed milk, before you suggest it. All around me there are beautiful things like this in the world. You lot all might enjoy looking at blue skies or piles of knitting yarn, but this is my porn of choice.

But I'm not called The Milk Lady, after all. And I'm not getting any thinner. And I can't give up wine. So I gave black coffee a try and you know, it won't kill me. It's actually kind of nice.

It's amazing the places life takes you.


  1. Wine in the cinema? Sounds like an excellent kind of multiplex.

    Ah, good luck with the lactose-free stimulants. Not sure I could manage.

  2. Skimmed milk is just blue water in my opinion..

  3. skimmed milk - blueurgh, don't blame you, I'd rather go without too, problem I have is that I find black coffee needs sugar - which kind of defeats the diet benefits.....

  4. I adore black coffee. Welcome to my world.

    And if it turns out you're dairy sensitive, then you'll lose even MORE pounds as you drop all that excess water that you retained because of the Allergic Effect. Whoopee! (That assumes that you're laying off the cheese, too...)

  5. Well hey, I think that diet might work for me, because the description of the breakfast for Day Two nearly put me off food altogether. What on EARTH kind of breakfast is that? Seeds, ice, watermelon, tofu? Please tell me you didn't eat that. You are a good person, you deserve better.

  6. I hate to say this, but I tried a non dairy diet once and people came up to me in the street and said I looked marvellous. So I think it DOES make a difference.

    (Ok, not "people". Just the one person. My mate Maggie).

    And I didn't look marvellous, I looked like an old bat. But I FELT good. It didn't last, as I love latte as much as you, but it's certainly worth a twirl once in a while.

  7. I



    a double shot latte without milk.

    I just can't.

  8. Ooooh. - I did a signing at Manchester Deansgate a couple of months ago, and the very nice woman who worked in the coffee shop upstairs made me a late with a picture of a monster from the deep on the top. She specialised in 1930s B movie horror characters, but the monster from the deep was her special present to me.

    Go there! Buy coffee!

  9. What? Is this to become the The Blog of the Skinny De-Caff Lady? I am going to have to lie down.


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