Sunday, 1 November 2009

How I failed to commit

So here we have it, the last image in my Coffee Lady Calendar. It comes from Eurolush, who is no doubt expecting me to go into raptures about her stunning images and her fresh and humorous prose.

Anyhow, as I said, it's the last calendar image. I know it's November. And I missed October (which was Attic24, in case anyone else still cares). See, it's too much like hard work, trying to remember what day of the month it is, and since the last image is one of my own, I'm not insulting anyone by leaving it out.

Also, I won't be joining in the whole NaBloPoMo shebang this November. Even though there are prizes. Remember back in July, when I decided to post every day while running round the house with a polishing cloth? And my knee swelled up and I turned into a hobbling old crone with no polishing ability whatsoever? It transpires that is a Knee Condition which must be managed*, and this proves that daily blogging leads to Bad Things, and I refuse to do it again for fear I will lose one of my ears in a bar fight.

See you in two days, at least.

*Please no comments about the knee. I have been known to faint when presented with sympathy or new information. I am not joking.


  1. Ah see you set your expectations far too high. I never commit to anything that way what every I achieve is a bonus!! Only joking. I am a Fly follower so lists are in my nature

  2. it's a great image, but what do you mean it's November already, how on earth did that happen..... x

  3. I can't even manage to do something presentable with my hair every day, let alone write a coherent blog post.

    And I'm pretty sure it's actually housework every day which is the root of all ills. I avoid this at all costs.

  4. Hmmm. It's a nice picture.

    As for your knee, I have no advice at all. Did you hear me? None At All!


  5. EXCUSE Me but the December photo is the one the I Requested - nay practically begged for. I don't see how you can leave it out - I have been reading your blog for nearly a year in the sincere belief that you would be publishing the photo. I'm thinking Trade Descriptions Act...I am not Threatening or anything...

  6. What's with the timing of these things? Like we really need the stress of a daily blogging commitment just as we're gearing up to tackle the Christmas card and gift lists?

    I need a NaBloPoMo in, say, February, when being forced to post every day might just keep me from slipping into the abyss of late-winter gloom. That or a trip to the Gulf of Mexico...

  7. I'm stunned by your loving, deeply moving introduction. Thank you.

    I agree with Alice, though. The last image, especially because it's your own, should be posted.

    Take it from the lady who posts the occasional suggestive, tastefully nude self-portrait. The people NEED their entertainment. It's THE PEOPLE'S NEEDS you should be worrying about.

    Let the PEOPLE decide what's entertaining.

    I say more hobbling, earless crone...less wimpering wesley.


  8. I haven't caught up with my blogs lately, but yours always makes me laugh (in a good way!)

    Forget dusting - after 5 years, the pile of dust doesn't get any deeper...

  9. NaBloPoMo fills me with absolute fear - not the thought of posting myself, oh dear me no, but the number of posts I shall HAVE to read is about to go through the roof. How on earth am I supposed to maintain my stunningly tidy house as well as lovingly hand creating fondant snowmen and reading worthy literature with such distractions at hand?

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours. I will be popping by with my coffee (black , no sugar) from now on!


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