Friday, 8 May 2009

Joy! Whatever that is.

I thought I'd have a go at This Joy and Ride's 'Find Joy' project. The idea is that you make a list of three things that give you joy, and make time for them.

As you may have gathered, I am not too good at joy. But I do like To Do lists, and spending time hanging around on 43 folders reading about making good ones.

My three things were:
1) Running
2) Laughter
3) Something else. (See, I can't even THINK of three things)

So, running. I've just started running using Robert Ullrey's Couch to 5k in 9 weeks podcasts. I'm now on Week 3 - and with my history with sport and exercise, this is incredibly impressive. I didn't expect to enjoy it, but I do. Quite apart from the fact that I am physically running away from my children, on the canal path I see newborn ducks, shimmering water, the odd canal boat, and all kinds of joyful crap.

Laughter. This should be easy, because tonight I am getting together with the friends I met when the Eldest Latte was small, when we would meet every Friday morning with our children. Those early years may have been sleepless, and marked by the discovery that Eldest had cerebral palsy, but I don't think I have ever laughed so hard as I did on those Friday mornings.

Something else
. Well, lookee here. If it isn't a new Lloyd Cole CD.

I haven't bought a new CD since, gosh, I don't think that the shop I got it from is still there. I bought this CD last night when I went to see Lloyd Cole play in Manchester. If you remember, I went to see him back in January. Lucky me! That's pretty damn joyful as far as I'm concerned.

See - it's signed and everything! I got it signed afterwards, and presented with the chance to talk to him and tell him how much pleasure listening to his music had given me over two decades, I said: "Hi. Er. Lovely. Er." It's a good job I didn't meet him when I saw him play in 1988, because back then I hadn't had time to develop these enviable social skills.

(I tried to listen to my new CD this morning while the Little Lattes were gathered joyfully around the breakfast table, but I couldn't hear it for their joyful chatter.
"Stop touching me!"
"Don't pester your sister, she's in a really grumpy mood."
"She's doing it again. She's touching me! She's touching my arm!")

Still, three strikes for joy, eh? Hands up all those people who didn't think I'd manage it.


  1. Coffee Lady - lloyd cole!!!! Always brings back memories of my student days full of angst and broken hearts with a sound track of Rattlesnakes (still one of the best albums ever).Over the last few years Lloyd and I ahve parted company, but reading your blog I feel that might just be about to change. I missed has UK gigs but have discovered his blog, so next time round I might just make it to one. the last time I saw him must have been about 18 yrs ago and the Hammersmith Odeon.....aaah wonderful times.

  2. Yikes, running? Replace it with 'large cup of coffee and slice of cake' and I'd be with you.

    Or maybe 'not running'. That would give me joy!

    Well done you. I shall admire from the sidelines with my cup of coffee and large slice of cake.

  3. I am not built for running - no, seriously, I have tried. Walking, yes, for miles and miles, but not running.

    So I am very much in awe!

  4. It's nice to hear you're looking out for all kinds of joyful crap in your life.

    Unfortunately, I see your #1 as a direct challenge to my own joyful running. You will never 'out-joy' me and my joyful running. I'm the most joyful runner there ever was. Unless you're looking for a joyful run-off. In which case, it's ON.

    Yes to #2. Please laugh more. And not that cackling witch laugh of yours. A deep belly laugh is more like it. Something along the lines of, "Ho Ho Ho!"

    #3 is something else indeed. Now that I know Brian's around, I can't say all the stuff about how good-looking Lloyd Cole is, and how his only mistake in life was not marrying me. Awkward. Instead I'll say I'm glad at least one of us is repeatedly getting the chance to see him in concert. Only I'm not that glad about it. Jealous, more like.

    And that's it. My job here is done.

  5. One thing gave me joy today. My hairdresser's magic scissors. No more haystack for me. x

  6. this is what I got driving home from school: "mum he's looking out of my window!!! MUUUUUMMMM"

    THAT was my joy.

  7. Running. Running? Really. Hmmmm.

    I must listen to one of those podcasts. From my chair. Laziness just might be on my list of stuff which makes me happy.

  8. running, well I guess watching me run would make you laugh - till your sides burst.....

  9. Lloyd Cole? You've transported me back to my 20's.

    I shall be singing "Perfect Skin" all week.

    ((Lloyd Cole))

  10. You can get to 5K in less than 9 weeks- the body is an amazing thing. I couldn't even get to the end of my road without stopping (and nearly throwing up ) when i first went out about 5 years ago- a month later 5 K was doable. If i have any top tip it's this- run with someone better at it slightly than you. Than you need to try and keep up.

  11. Yeah, I wrote that too fast- typos agogo..

  12. Lloyd Cole! I cannot tell you how much I loved Rattlesnakes.

    Running, not so much.

  13. I need lists like this some days - the glass-half-empty days. I'll remember this - it may well help - thanks. Hope yours helped too x

  14. What dottycookie said. Not only do our households have all the same toys, we also apparently have the same body. Spooky.

  15. Running...hmmm...NO!

    Sunny Days
    Making ds laugh

    All joyful, but running?

    Whatever floats your boat (grin)


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