Sunday, 3 May 2009

Calendar for May

My calendar image for May is used with permission from Alice of The Magpie Files .

There are a good number of reasons to love Alice. Her wonderful blog, which takes in art, literature, food, the natural world, travel, university and family life (all with an evil, twinkly-eyed strain of humour) is a whole world in itself. She's clever, witty and has an amazing eye for beauty in detail.

And for the narcissist in me, there's another very good reason to love her. If there was no Alice, it's debatable whether or not there would be any Coffee Lady. For ages before any of you lot got here (and a good deal of you came because she told you to, I'm sure) Alice's was the only name in my comment box, and whenever I posted in the early days I did so in the hope she would come back.

And that was hard work on her part, because I was a miserable read to begin with (I know, little has changed there) because all I did was witter on about how ill I was. And at the height of it, around Christmas 2007, when I was disappearing up my own whatnot with the misery of M.E., she responded with this post, and put it all into perspective.

It was an amazing introduction to the kindness of bloggers.

So here's to May, and to rabbits, and to good health, and to Alice.


  1. Alice is pretty fab, isn't she? But then so are you. And I'm glad you're still here too.

  2. Um, it is May THIRD. Clang clang, I hear the tardy bell.

    Agreed that Alice is the best thing to come along since chocolate. And roses. And everything else that is good and right. Mwah, Alice! Mwah, Coffee Lady!

  3. P.S. Word verif is "dotudge." Is this a sign from the universe that I have entered mine?!?!? Gah!

  4. Ahhh.
    Your words are too kind.
    My actions were entirely selfish because your witty writing made me laugh and I couldn't bear to let you slip out of my grasp.
    I am so glad that you are still here and that a wider audience can enjoy your blog.

  5. I can't wait for my calendar image (November?) and all the brilliant things you'll say about me and how I've inspired you with my beauty and modesty, and made the world a better place. So 'cited!

    Also, I think I've already gone on record as saying Alice C. is simply charming, witty and delightful. In short, she's your exact opposite.

  6. I discovered you through your deliciously vitriolic comments on other blogs. :D Now I'll go read Alice. Apparently, I'm doing this backwards.

  7. Oooh! Look at that cute bun! I want to cuddle him up and have his whiskers tickle my neck.

  8. I'm in the Alice fan club too - she's one of a kind. But then, so are you!

  9. I confess, I'm here because Alice sent me, but that was a long time ago, so there must be reason I stayed, mustn't there, really......

  10. Lovely blogpost Capp ditto Alice's (I'm off to read more). Glad May finds you in good spirits. x

  11. One of my closest friends has ME. She's found a creative outlet that really helps - I expect blogging hits a similar nail.

    Alice's blog is like a tiny eclectic daily newspaper column - it's great to tune in isn't it?

    Thanks for your lovely comment about my dancing tots.

  12. Eurolush are you absolutely sure you want your calendar month to be November? It is, after all, what Ted Hughes described as the month of the drowned dog.

    Are you trying to tell us something?

    Please not to be putting pictures of bunnies on blogs, Coffee woman. It will only encourage MrCat to eat him and then I'll have to hit him with a candelabra.

  13. I'm in the Alice fan club too - she's one of a kind. But then, so are you!


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