Friday, 17 April 2009

Scenes from the Coffee House Garden

To start, here are some of our new plants from the garden centre. There are several garden centres nearby, but we have a favourite. It is small enough for the Littlest Latte to run free without getting lost and falling over and being wandered around the place screaming with a bleeding knee by a woman with a disapproving screwed-up face who thought she'd been abandoned and had taken a while to find us because she had completely ignored the fact that she was being followed by an older girl on crutches screaming 'That's my sister!'(a hypothetical situation, of course, but one that, ahem, could happen in a larger establishment). Also this favourite garden centre is run by one of Mr Coffee's friends. We're not the only people who like it either. Father Christmas was there last year. Amazing man. So warm and friendly - it was almost as if he knew us.

Blossoms from next door's pear tree, which hangs fruitily over our garden.

Shoots of hope from Mr Coffee's acer, after its terrifying near-death experience last year.

A reluctant worm being coaxed onto a purpose-built slide.

Something else we are enjoying is a parcel of goodies from Lynn, which included books for the Little Lattes, a CD, lovely marbled pencils, origami, stickers, chocolate... a wonderful package indeed which made us all very, very happy, and I would have taken a picture of it all to show you were it not for the fact that the Lattes were at the door when it arrived, and were eager to peruse its contents immediately. Sorry, did I say 'peruse'? I meant 'ransack'.


  1. I'm in love with the worm slide. Pure genius.

  2. Lovely flowers indeed. Once my little boy ventured to the fish tanks on his own at our local garden centre, to practice his fishing. He caught a few with his bare hands before we noticed. Probaby a near death experience for them, and the garden centre staff!x

  3. We have a garden centre like that near us. Every plant is sold with a long list of information on how to grow it successfully, and there is the bonus of prices about 80% of what they would be in larger establishments. A fab place, and I shall be there tomorrow, I'm sure.

  4. worm slides and parcels from Lynn, wow - what a lovely day at your house!

  5. Whoa, I didn't see that thank-you note coming -- I was still caught up in "hypothetical" wounded-knee garden center scenarios. Sneaky! And now I'm blushing madly. Or maybe it's a sunburn...

    You are too, too sweet, and I hope your new plants flourish and that Mr C's Japanese maple has lots of great stories to tell about its near-death experience ("...and then there was this Tunnel! Of Light...!"

  6. A worm on a slide! My three year old would squeal with glee! Lovely photos x

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