Monday, 13 April 2009

How we scared off Easter

Well, I don't think we'll be seeing that Easter around here anytime soon. It's terrified.

Terrified of the Coffee House and the sheer amount of stuff that went on. Honestly - if you'd been here, you'd have been exhausted just looking at it, and we would have had to feed you cake and let you have a lie down.

Oh yes, there was cake. Ha! We baked fairy cakes and iced them and put Easter eggs on top! Here they are! (Okay, those weren't mine. They were from the Good Food Magazine website. But we were too damn busy to be taking any pictures of the cupcakes, do you understand?) And there was a hazelnut and chocolate cheesecake, and some defrosted chocolate brownies. Actually there was a lot of defrosted stuff, but we'll get onto that later.

So! First thing we do is PAINT THE KITCHEN! Not just paint it, you understand, but sugar soap it all properly beforehand! (This is in line with the famous British tradition, by the way, to spend a rare sunny Bank Holiday cooped up inside doing DIY. Though Mr Coffee did get a blast of fresh air when he went onto the roof to paint the walls around inside of the skylight, so what has he to complain about?) And during this time we go out for coffee and cakes, and go to the butchers and the supermarket and the Post Office, and take the Little Lattes into town twice to buy a new kettle (again, later) and sunhats and shampoo and fish sauce. And we decorate a twig by painting it white and then hanging Eastery papier mache stuff off it. And the Lattes do all kinds of Easter stuff at church as well as having an Easter egg hunt in their own garden.

We go to church three times altogether. I know! How did we find time for that? Also I read nearly half a book!

And then we make a full roast dinner and get The Grandmother round to share it, and just as it's finishing all the electricity goes off! Hilarious! And I get to run up and down the street to The Grandmother's House to put the cake in her oven and check on it, and Mr Coffee sits down to read about household electrics in order to put it all right again. And then since it's already half done, we defrost the freezer, very slowly, since we think the problem is the kettle. And then we make tea with some water boiled on the hob in a pan.

Isn't that enough? NO! NO it's not enough, we are on a ROLL now, so we go to the garden centre and we buy way too many plants and then we come home and we prepare a bed and we plant it! And we cut a hedge! And we sow seeds and we weed and we weed and we weed!

It's too much for you, isn't it? I can see you covering your eyes, and thinking you need a drink.

Hmm. So do we. And we deserve it, don't we? I very much think that we do.


  1. Good grief, woman, are you possessed?

    I thought we did well, with lots of walking and so on, but I see now that we failed. Failed, I tell you.

  2. I never felt such a wimp in my life. We ate chocolate and lolled around and talked about what we might do - maybe - once we had done a bit of research...

  3. The similarities between our two holiday weekends are oddly striking, but yours was officially more exhausting than mine. YOU WIN.

  4. All I did was eat chocolate and get a stomach ache.

  5. Feeling very indolent now. Sugar soaping - that's serious.

  6. Dear Lord, that's more than I do in a whole season, never mind a long weekend. You cut a hedge and weeded? I've done both of those things (once) and I am still scarred by the memory of how long they took.

  7. Good god. I am worn out just from reading!

  8. Freakish. Sick. Wrong. The only way I can continue to be your friend is if you lie around on your chaise in a muumuu eating bonbons for a week or so. Otherwise, no deal.

  9. we may need to nename you the crazy lady........... I do so hope there was some coffee drinking in there somewhere - oh yes, with water on the hob...........
    take it easy for the rest of the week huh! xxx

  10. I want to see a picture of the decorated twig. I need evidence.

  11. Good grief, I feel faint just reading about it. I mostly spent Easter eating.


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