Tuesday, 21 April 2009

New Year's Resolutions

For a start, don't look at me like that. I know what time of year it is, thank you. I've done this before. But last time, if you remember, I just decided to have lots of sleep and eat cake. And this worked, but it's not a long term strategy.

Because the person I was at the Easter weekend isn't an accurate representation of my life. That kind of activity is very, very rare. I'm not Eurolush jumping around the place, (thank god) or Badger who has achieved more than me by the time I get up, even though she's in a different time zone and is actually meant to be behind me.

Things in the Coffee House are getting out of hand. There seem to be piles of things everywhere. It's back to the Flylady grindstone for me, even if I will spend half my time sniggering behind my hand and the other half composing irate emails about feminism in my head.

I also need to water things in the garden rather than planting them and then watching them scorch to death.

I need to read books. Look at this! The Orange Prize shortlist is out! I could have been ahead, having read one of the longlist, but the only one I read didn't make it.

I need to get out more. On Saturday we went to see Mark Steel (it was a last-minute thing - Mr Coffee saw him wandering round our shopping centre in the afternoon, and we realised he couldn't actually have just come for a day out) and remembered that it was actually nice to leave the house together after dark. Who would have thought?

I need to listen to the Eldest Latte read. I need to work with her on her times tables. I need to play stuff with the Littlest Latte rather than just dragging her to the supermarket.

And exercise! I need to do that!

I guess the first step would be to stop typing, wouldn't it? See! I will do it straight away.

(Has everybody gone? Good. I'd hate for anyone to notice me getting this beer out of the fridge and sitting in front of the television.)


  1. Stop it! You're making my headache worse.

    Am I going to have to renew my passport, pack my bags and head over to do an Intervention? (Say yes.)

  2. Mark Steele is another crush of shame.

    Are you trying to humiliate me?

  3. Shame!! What is that LimeCat woman talking about? (It's OK - I know her so I can be over-familiar). The only person who allowed to feel shame around here is me because I didn't recognise ANY of the books on the shortlist. Have I been living in a cave?

  4. Hmm, the Orange list. We've just had our village book club meeting. All the shame is mine, as most people gave up on the book I suggested. Sigh.

    Now I am forced to finish up the crisps I bought that didn't get eaten, and tidy up the end of the bootle of wine. Oh well.

  5. Not sure who Mark Steel is...but his name seems to indicate he's some sort of cage fighter or professional wrestler. Sounds like a fun evening out.

    As for 'Eurolush jumping around the place,' we mock what we don't understand. It's called poetry in motion, son.

    The Orange Prize shortlist? I've read ONE...never even heard of the others. Therefore it is clear mine, "Home," will win.

    PS-I'm hoping your resolutions don't rub off on me any time soon. I really don't feel like picking up my house, hanging out more with my kids or planning any evenings out.

    I'm too busy drinking and practicing handstands for my next post.

  6. ok so you lost me on the cleaning, reading books I don't understand and gardening, but I'm with you on taking the beer out of the fridge xx

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    I should've known it was too good to be true.

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  9. Ah, Flylady! Have you shined your sink today?


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