Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Finally. I'm in the New Year.

On New Year's Eve the inhabitants of The Coffee House sat down to write their New Year's Resolutions. They were the usual handful of getting more fit, eating more healthily, keeping bedrooms tidy, getting more sleep. You know.

I had some nebulous yoga-y goings on thrown in there, but I didn't really know what they meant other than Do More Yoga. Because it helped me recover from illness, and because it makes me feel better.

Last night was my first yoga class of the New Year. Our winter sequence, the teacher explained (I have searched this place for a good teacher. And she is a Good Teacher) was about conserving energy, keeping in step with the seasons. She seemed particularly impressed that I had done precisely nothing with the Christmas holidays. Winter, it seems, is a time for sleeping, for saving energy.

Well, thank goodness for that. Because I am very much enjoying going at a snail's pace. And I knew deep down that I wasn't going to be doing any running any time soon, whatever my ambitions. It's not a time for salad and activity. I don't actually have the energy, and I was feeling bad about that. But no more.

And it's no time to give up cake, especially when the oven warms the kitchen up so nicely. (This is my decision. I didn't need a yoga teacher to tell me that. I can freestyle when it comes to this kind of thing.)

So I shall abandon all ridiculous ideas of self-improvement, and aim for my two yoga classes a week, some quiet, some care, and some very early nights.

Now if you don't mind I have some sitting down to do. I've been very busy rewinding the Christmas ribbon, and it has quite tired me out.


  1. Hello Coffee Lady
    On the spur of the moment I checked out your blog, you having agreed with me on Wifey's blog i thought 'Hey, well, that's a good enough reason for me...
    And you do yoga, too; me, too, but not twice, and we are so in our caves our teacher's not even started yet, so I'll have the flexibility of our sideboard by next week!
    I will read on...
    Best wishes

  2. My yoga class restarted on Wednesday evening and I so nearly didn't go - I was tired and feeling coldy and achey, and hungry. But I wrapped up and went and am very glad I did. I have a lovely teacher too; it's taken a long time to find her, and I'm very glad I now have!

    Sitting down seems like a good option today. The fog hasn't lifted at all and now it's getting dark too. Brrrrr.

    (And my word verification is 'slachen' which seems oddly appropriate!)

  3. Yoga...I like the IDEA...but I feel scared by the whole mat/loose clothing/dog thing. Would I giggle? Would I fall asleep?

  4. You look after yourself Capp. I've been back to the gym having had 3 weeks off and now I've got a dicky back. I'm so inflexible it's untrue, could never do those 'crab' things at school (couldn't get my butt off the floor lol!)

  5. I'm so relieved to hear that winter is a time for sleeping and conserving energy. That means I'm already ahead of the game.

    I've conserved so much energy lately, my pants are getting too tight! I must be doing something right!

    Oops! Gotta go...time for my nap!

  6. I am all over that extra-sleep idea. Now if I could just discipline myself to do the extra sleeping at the beginning of the night instead of the end.


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