Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Calendar for April

My calendar image for April is used with permission from Ali of Domesticali, one of the nicest blogs you could wish to read. If I have just two minutes and a Bloglines homepage full of updates, I find myself picking it out to read first.

I know that Spring is about eggs and yellows and greens, but I defy you to find an image more Eastery than Ali's cupcake - even though the original post was in November. (I play fast and loose with the seasons, as you may have noticed.)

But I'm looking at that chocolate cupcake and wondering. Mr Coffee and I gave chocolate up for Lent. I'm rather disappointed not to have lost a stone, but also rather surprised to find I don't miss it anymore.

But just one bite, and I know it will be all downhill.


  1. A year or so ago Little Lad and I gave up sugar, wheat, dairy and a few other things in order to deal with some chronic health stuff. The wheat and dairy sneak back in from time to time, but I have hardly any desire anymore for big sugary desserts (a few pieces of relatively low-sugar dark chocolate suit me just fine). Amazing, as I used to make fun of people who said things like that...

  2. mmmm, what a tempting sight.

    I'm quite good at resisting buying chocolate, but once there's some open in the house.......

  3. That looks yummy! I am a sucker for cream eggs (haha!), the only non-chocolate chocolate I can't resist ..

  4. Aren't you sweet - I'm blushing.

    I can go a couple of weeks without even thinking of chocolate, but every now and again I MUST HAVE IT. And it must be RIGHT NOW. And preferably dark and with nuts.

  5. I sat and watched MissM eat vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce last night and I didn't even consider grabbing the spoon out of her hand.


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