Friday, 7 November 2008

My new thing for today is - soup

If you're looking for me today, you'll find me googling for soups. The Eldest Latte is back from her palate surgery, and unable to eat a whole range of things including toast, crisps, vegetables with husks on, and chocolate. A moment's silence please.

Ice-cream, wondrously, is allowed.

Anyway I hope no-one minds me sharing my scratty photography with you once more, as I join in - woefully late - with Simplesparrow's kitchen poetry. I present to you pictures of a children's ward Parent Kitchen.

It's not art. But it has been my kitchen for the week, and a welcome escape from a stuck DVD playing The Little Mermaid on a loop, and the estranged parents visiting the bed next to us hissing at each other about maintenance payments.

And, of course, my breathtaking nightly readings of High School Musical, where our ward neighbours got to listen to a middle-aged Englishwoman reading phrases such as "That's awesome, dudes!" in a very uncomfortable voice.


  1. Well, I would not put your photography down at all - that last image is pretty artsy :)

  2. I like the photos!
    and i love your socks!

  3. I am glad your daughter is doing well. I laughed out loud about your description of reading high school musical...

    And I LOVE your socks!

  4. Shhhh, don't tell my two that there's an HSM novel!

    Hope your lkittle one is feeling much better now.


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