Monday, 10 December 2007

It's a good idea not to expect too much of me

The lovely lady from the Magpie Files (mmm, chocolate) popped over to my blog the other day (ooooh!). Her blog is one of those with pretty pictures. There are some blogs that I visit - like domesticali and Swallowfield (oh soooo Christmassy) to look at the pictures and drool with envy in a wish-my-life-looked-like-that kind of a way. Anyway she said she wanted more photos on my blog.

Okay, lady, here's the thing. There's a reason why talented people with an eye for a good photograph have blogs full of pictures, and exactly the opposite reason why people whose talents are mainly confined to nitpicking about other people's use of apostrophes don't.

To demonstrate - here are my attempts to capture the wonder that is our family's new Christmas tree.

Exhibit A - blurry Eldest Latte

Exhibit B - blurry Littlest Latte

Finally below is Exhibit C - Mr Coffee's attempt, which as you can see is no better, and shows off yet again why we are so suited as a couple.

So while it is very flattering to assume that I have any right to start bandying photographs about on this blog like someone who knows what they are doing, it is also ridiculous. It's like when my friend RA stands me in front of a whole heap of the most gorgeous cushions and scarves that she has made to sell at a gallery, and asks me - me, for pity's sake - what I honestly think of the colour palette.

I am lost. Floundering and lost and alone. Thanks so much for your interest and your belief in me, but really - I am not the person to ask for photographs or advise about colour palettes. Come back when you're unsure about whether or not you really need to use a comma.

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  1. I am shocked and surprised that you can bear to read my blog because commas, paragraphs and conjunctions...are all conspicious by their eccentricity. Which is why I have to have photos to paper over the cracks. You, on the other hand, can do grammar and delightful twinkly photos - so you win.


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