Sunday, 16 December 2007

My new thing for today is - Beth Irvine

Since I've not been well enough recently to do any housework, I've been mainly deleting my emails from flylady and trying to remember her adage, "We are not behind - just jump in where we are". Eventually - eventually - I think, I will be well enough to start again, and I don't need to worry about what the house is like now, I just need to concentrate on resting.

But though my endless trawling google sessions have come up with a couple of ok relaxations, if you're listening to them daily like I am, you soon get very bored of them.

Amazingly I didn't delete the email from flylady about Beth Irvine, who is now putting up weekly relaxations on blog talk radio here. My search is over!

There's also a show where she answers people's questions, which is already giving me lots of ideas for how to be less stressed when I finally am better. I know I'm usually all about the sarcasm, and I honestly believe that I will be back to that very soon, but this is a great new thing for me and I'm really really pleased with it.

And she doesn't talk about dusters. At least not so far.

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  1. DON'T talk to me about FlyLady...I am in danger of getting sucked in to the whole programme. It is perfectly designed to feed my obsession with lists. The very thought of having relaxation tapes is completely contradictory.


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