Monday, 30 July 2012

Vital statistics for the first week of summer

  • Destinations reached: 5
  • Miles driven: 945
  • M&S mini-shortbreads consumed: into the dozens
  • Pounds in weight gained: 3
  • Weddings attended: 1
  • Number of cousins viewed: 4
  • Ratio of Lattes to cute baby girl cousins who consented to be fed/ cuddled/ dressed: 1:1 (Optimum ratio achieved.)
  • Blogs read: 0 (sorry about that. I trust you're all well?)


  1. Fine, fine...carry on...(I've just got something in my eye.)

  2. Sounds very busy! I am a one for grabbing cousin babies and feeding/ cuddling them too. My log reading has been rather behind recently too, and frankly, your excuse is much better than mine!

  3. I still haven't caught up with the 99 posts that were in my reader after just one week away.

  4. Well, it is summer after all...

  5. least it's not pounds gained 945' miles driven 5....

  6. I am in awe of your acheivements in week one. I ordered some school uniform and then sat down for the rest of the week....

  7. What - you mean it isn't nearly the end already?

  8. Well okay, but we do rather need you back fairly soon...... And bring some shortbread, please.

  9. Darn those M&S mini-shortbreads and their addictiveness!

  10. You can't read them all. I haven't for ages .
    I just wanted to refer back to your glorious garden post..about how nothing grows?
    I am delighted. Not in a mean way but I weep when I see the beautiful gardens some bloggers have. I can't manage to grow anything much. MY sweet peas didn't even put their leaves did but was instantly zapped by a slug. So its heartening to find a fellow failed gardener.

  11. That's a pretty full tally for just one week, sounds like a Summer's worth!


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