Friday, 2 December 2011

Things I learned in hospital

  1. Peter Andre publishes his own Christmas magazine, which is so popular (or unpopular; I don't know how these things work) as to be displayed in a special pop-out display stand in the WHSmiths in Alder Hey Hospital. (I admit to having a touch of the Jens (she maintains a soft spot for the unlikely Charlie Sheen) for Peter Andre, despite how ridiculous he continues to be. In that, you know, I hope he's eating well, and that his business ideas do not all go belly up. Still, it did not move me to buy his Christmas magazine.)

  2. When you spend two weeks sleeping on a Wiskaway, three things are very helpful.
    • An eye mask.
    • An MP3 player with relaxing stuff on it, to block out the sounds of the ward. I listened to the opening of Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle roughly 49 times (based on going back to bed three/ four times each night for 14 nights) and still can't tell you what happened beyond the first five minutes with the hat.
    • Your own blanket and pillow. There's something very special in a sterile environment about having your own textiles, even if they were bought from Matalan and would never be featured on a style blog.

  3. Before going into hospital, it is important to make the right sort of friends. This process can start - both online and in real life - up to 11 years before the actual event. The kind of people you are looking for include:
    • Friends who will source magazines from home which do not involve Peter Andre.
    • Ones who will wittily answer idiotic texts about nothing at 10pm at night. These friends make up for the fact that the only adult conversation you have had all day was a discussion about bed pan positioning.
    • Friends who will sneak miniature bottles of booze into the hospital under the guise of 'gifts for the patient'.
    • Ones who send parcels of home-sewn goodies so thoughtful and immediately relevant that you could swear they can see your every move on some kind of karmic CCTV.
    • People who send emails, blog comments, cards and texts expressing their love and care. Most of them have been left unanswered in the chaos and stress of the last few weeks. If you are one of these people, please know that every single one has been appreciated, and has made us feel incredibly supported and loved.

  4. It is possible to learn to love salad, especially if that is the only thing that you have bought to eat.
Just to add:  Eldest is doing well, and pressing on with her physio despite the pain she is in. She is a little star.


    1. really? no Peter Andre?... I would have thought...

      just kidding.

      I'm glad you don't want to go there.

      Hope everything is going the way it should be. I'm thinking of you!

    2. But where does one sit when the Whiskaway IS whisked away?
      And what of Eldest?
      And, oh, I've been itching for an update!

    3. Lovely post, hope all is well with you, and eldest is doing well. Lots of love, JB x

    4. Peter Andre has a Christmas Magazine?! Scary!

      So glad eldest is doing well x

    5. I've been wondering how things were going. Glad to hear all is well. I hope you managed to get some chocolate in as well as the salad.

    6. it's ok your're home now, you can eat cake not salad! glad everything is going ok xxx

    7. So glad to hear an update, have been thinking about you lots these last few weeks!

      Go Eldest, go!

    8. I have been thinking of you and yours, and hoping that all was OK. And well done you for surviving - the children's ward can be pretty grim, especially at night, and it takes a bit of grit to get through it all.

      With very best wishes to you both

      Pomona x

    9. How good to hear from you. If thoughts and good wishes from friends could make the path any easier it would be downhill all the way for you all.

      (I hope that Eldest has been protected from the Peter Andre experience.)

    10. Been thinking of you. Glad to have you back x

    11. Alysha in Seattle2 December 2011 at 09:21

      Relieved to see a post from you. So glad to hear that all have made it through a rough two weeks and that your girl continues to make progress (and hope that you're back in your own cozy bed and not a 'whiskaway').

    12. It is good to hear from you. I hope that things go well and that the exercises are not too painful for Eldest. You've both been on my mind quite a bit.

    13. Very curious about exactly who Peter Andre is -- I'll research. And glad to hear that you are doing well and that brave Eldest is a star. Are you really home now? All the better --

    14. So good to hear from you. None of this can have been easy. Especially seeing your child in pain. I am hoping the worst of that is over and life is on the improve for you all.

    15. I've been both a noun and a verb before, but this is my first time as a psychiatric condition. Thank you.

    16. That Peter Andre pops up in the most unlikely places.

      Very glad to hear things are going well - you've been on my mind.

    17. So glad to hear from you, but really - Pandre?? Berlimey.

    18. You have been in the hearts and minds of people all over the globe these past weeks.

      Good for Eldest. What a trooper.


    19. Good to read that you have a variety of things to support you. Keeping positive thoughts for you all!

    20. I've been thinking about you and Eldest a lot these days.
      Good to hear you're back home. Being in your safe place makes everything somewhat better, doesn't it.
      Brave Eldest, hugs and cheers to her.

    21. You made me smile - though I did blench at the thought of two weeks of salad! (Don't get me wrong - I love salad - but not for two weeks solid in deep autumn)
      So glad eldest is progressing well - she is one amazing young lady.

    22. 'despite the pain she is in'...I just don't know what to say. xx

    23. Glad Eldest is doing well.
      I am afraid I am with your friend Jen on the Charlie Sheen I confess he's the only bad boy I DO like.....

    24. So pleased to know that you are all getting through it. I have been wondering.

    25. Hey Coffee Lady, hope the days in your home are coming gently enough for all of you.

      Lessons I learned during a hospital stay with my youngest included:
      - send blessings to those in any passing ambulance (the patient, the ambo's, the family, all of them!),
      - everyday people go to work and do amazing things everyday. I'm in awe of them and am so grateful that they do it.

      Support your nervous systems in every way you know how to.

      Big love from people you don't know in far away places.

    26. Peter Andre has his own magazine? Oh my. There are no words. I am so glad that Eldest is doing well. I have been thinking of her and wishing her well. Did the nightie turn out well? What was the coffee situation in the hospital?

    27. I have been desperate to know how you have been doing, can you send me your address please

    28. You're both stars. Good to know you are out the other side. Sending much love for the recovery.

    29. I'm glad to hear from you, you've been on my mind. Heaven to be home, I bet. Hugest best wishes for the coming weeks!

      (Can't hear the name Peter Andre without blinking Disney's mermaid film starting in my head with those awful songs on repeat. Have to go and put some music on now.)

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    31. Its only just occurred to me to actually come and read your blog to find out how you got on, rather late in the day. I think about you a lot and have a little pray for you.

    32. DC wrote 'Pandre'. She obviously owns the magazine.

      I have not been blogging. Sorry. Much love to you x


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