Thursday, 1 September 2011

Time for a little bit of housekeeping

There are a whole list of things I've failed to blog about this summer, and a whole list of reasons for not doing so. I haven't blogged out of idleness (ooh look, the wine is open, and a film is on); I haven't blogged because the USB port on the computer isn't working so the photos have to be loaded onto the laptop which is kept upstairs, and the stairs are tiring and the laptop runs much slower than the PC and my life is so hard; and I haven't blogged because my children have spent the whole summer beating one another to a pulp. I can't turn my back. I'm telling you.

So. I've done a few star jumps. I've found Eye of the Tiger on Youtube. Let's do this thing.

(For example, back in June (JUNE!) a woman from Douwe Egberts sent me some chocolates in a jar to mark the fact that the company had now started selling refill packs to cut down on packaging. I was supposed to eat the chocolates, fill the jar with something interesting and take a picture of it to share with you. I ate the chocolates. I had great plans for what I would put in the jar, but I ended up forgetting all about them and just putting coffee in it. Anyway. Douwe Egberts make coffee which goes in nice refillable jars. I think that was the gist of it. (There was a competition, but I've told you about it far too late for you to enter. What can I tell you. I'm only human.))

Many, many moons ago - and this is even before the Douwe Egberts Fail - we went to the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis for a very fine day out to see their new snow leopard. (Mr Coffee and I believe that 'snow leopard' is a worthy alternative to the term 'silver fox', by the way.)

I failed to take any decent pictures of the snow leopard, but here is a very attractive-looking, erm, birdish thing.

It is utterly fine to blog about this even though it was months ago, because the children revisited with The Grandmother this week. This makes it a Current Event, I'm sure you'll agree. If you're in the area, go visit! There's a snow leopard! For heaven's sake!

There's more to come. I haven't even told you about my new vacuum cleaner yet. Really. I need to tell you.

I'll finish off for today with a picture of the Portfolio dress, because so many of you asked to see it. (I'd like to throw my weight behind Duyvken's Operation Pinterest project - this is my contribution.) I like the dress; I don't like the dress. It's a very beautiful item - right up until the moment that I try to put my boobs into it, and then it begins to look slightly as if I have tried to dress myself in a large blue bag.

It has to be said, the full-length picture isn't the best photograph. I tried to take self-timed ones out in the garden, but you don't even want to know what they looked like.

I made it in a cotton dobby fabric, with a flat check from the exact same range as the contrast. Though I did look at picking up one of the bold colours in the fabric itself, it could have easily looked very alarming - I liked the slight contrast much better.

Mostly I like the pockets.

More housekeeping to come. Stay tuned.


  1. The photo of the bird thingy has a very 'Flintstones' feel to it. Is it perhaps a prehistoric bank-teller bird, scribing a receipt?

    Oh, and your word verification thing has Tourettes - I can't repeat what it's asked me to type in *blush*

  2. I really need to learn to sew. Properly. This is truly fab. As are your fighting children- they give me hope!

  3. love the dress, especially the pockets!

    laughing out bloomin loud at Douwe Egberts ... imagine?! a jar that you could refill?? bwahaha!

    That bird is just too damn silly for words ...

    all is right with the world, you're back ...

  4. Ooh - I like the pockets too! And your photo has me thinking about the old Changing Room days, which I must email you about....

  5. Yay, the dress! I love the pockets - they're what made me want to make this dress. Must. Buy. Fabric.

  6. coffee refills always makes me think of the advert the lady with coffee in her bra, my children get the giggles like mad when they see that....

  7. SO cute! And blue! With pockets! Why don't they sell more dresses like this??

  8. That is a very fine dress. Especially the pockets.

  9. Yes, great pockets and you had me LOLling with your dressed in a bag line.

    I going to try Snow Leopard on my rapidly silvering foxy Mr Fixit. I may report back. Unless I forget.

  10. NotFitForPurpose - I never thought to check for receipts. I'm sure we'll go back there. I'll let you know.

    Get Well Soon Flowers - thank you! I'm not sure I'd ever say 'I can sew', though...

    I'm Crayon - maybe we're both looking in the wrong shops. I only go in charity shops anyway.

    Blackbird - you know your opinion means EVERYTHING.

  11. Cute dress, it fits you nicely I'd say.

  12. Oh I just had to click on over here when I saw your blog title! I feel like we are kindred! I too am a coffee loving lady! lol

    Now following you, and going to pour my second cup!

    Ciao Bella!
    Feel free to stop in for a sip anytime.


  13. Was the pattern suitable for a lapsed, lazy seamstress? I saw some great tunics this week and am inspired to drag out the sewing machine...just to see.

  14. Love the bird with the mad hairstyle. Glad you posted the dress, the fabric is smashing, nice contrast at the neck too. Pockets are essential I think.

  15. I saw a bird like that just today! I said 'Ooh, look at the funny bird with the thing on its head'. Then I read the sign: It's a grey crowned crane.

  16. That is a really special bird. And a cute dress. Still trying to get over the fact that you said "boobs" out loud...

  17. Paola - thank you so much!

    Creative Carmelina - enjoy your drink, and thanks for visiting!

    Projectforty - it is ABSOLUTELY suitable. Lapsed, you say? The last sewing I did for myself, not the children, was my maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Eldest. She's nearly 11.

    Planetcoops - wow! I have something to call the bird now. Thanks!

  18. I like the dress!

  19. Saw this dress/tunic in person today- it was lovely!

  20. Oh thanks Lindy! How kind. What a day, eh?


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