Thursday, 10 March 2011

My life is just like it is in the magazines

The other day I read that a print we bought last summer had appeared in a magazine. Here is Jax's blog post to prove it. And here is the print in my house. Her Folksy shop is well worth a visit.

It's very easy to get carried away worrying about the mess on the floor and not look up at your walls. It's quite a while since I looked properly at this picture below, for example, but I still love it.

We bought it at a print fair - Eldest was just a baby in a sling, and we stood in front of the lady's stall for ages, unable to choose which one to buy. It's a view of Bradford, a city we used to know quite well. (It doesn't matter which part of Bradford. Most of the roads that lead into Bradford are uncannily similar to each other.)

Sadly our print is a little faded now due to being put in a light spot. There are similar images on page 2 of her portfolio - I've been googling her like a stalker this morning - her name is June Russell. I love the one with the crashing waves. Part of the joy of buying this print was the knowledge of all her other versions of the same image, all the other possibilities - I can still see them in my mind's eye every time I look at it.

To finish off my little art tour, last year I won a giveaway on Silverpebble's blog and she made me an utterly gorgeous necklace. She has a lot of beautiful things for sale at a special online market you can visit this month. All of them are lovely.


  1. you're right. It's too easy to just concentrate on the mess and ignore the lovely things that make our houses our homes.

    (I'm trying really hard to forget the number of dirty socks I found in No 1's bed when I went to change the sheets this morning... urgh)

    lovely pictures on the wall/lovely pictures on the wall/lovely pictures...

  2. I was reading this and thinking 'art, prints, yes, lovely' and then you mentioned me. Huge thanks for putting me in the same blogpost as these gorgeous prints. You've made my morning x

  3. It was really great to see my print on your wall. I remember making it! I'm sorry it's faded - it was always a concern of mine, using found images, and nowadays I warn people to keep them out of direct light. Still looking good though, and thanks so much for liking it.

  4. Oh now you've reminded me of some lovely prints that we bought from Folksy for the boy's wall - alphabet & numbers that were so lovely. No idea where they are. Excuse enough to trawl through Folksy again? Probably.

  5. I love all the letterpress art out there at the moment. Which reminds me, I bought a 'make do and mend' photo recently on ebay that I have to have a root for. Think it's in a box somewhere - the natural place for wall hangings in my house... Claire

  6. That really wasn't supposed to be an anonymous comment. I will get the hang of this blogging business one day... C.

  7. That's a beautiful print - I went and had a closer look at her work on her website. I liked it a lot; no 'pretty for pretty's sake', and although there aren't any people in her images, they felt like real proper places, places for people.

    Thanks for the link!!

  8. Did you already know what I did to my new white stripey carpet tonight??? So we are all laughing ruefully at your sentence about messes on carpets. I got most of it out. With the Vanish stick. Possibly... If I ahd such gorgeous stuff on the walls that might have offered some consolation!


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