Saturday, 5 February 2011

Better late than never

Can you hear the screeching of tyres? That would be me, rushing to get here in time for Silverpebble's Splash of Colour week.

Right. A blossom tree, made by a Latte at local workshops to celebrate Chinese New Year.

(Here you must imagine a photograph of vibrant red and gold Chinese lanterns, taken in the Chinese supermarket on my phone, which didn't come out very well at all. I'm sure it will be better in your imagination.)

A parcel of cupcakes and honey arrived from Rowse Honey, who were hoping it would sway me towards telling you about their new advertising campaign and how you can go to their Facebook page and get free honey yourself. What were they thinking? That I'm the kind of woman who can simply be bribed with cake?

It seems that's exactly who I am.

Hama beads. (Well, the Ikea version.) I bought two tubs of these about four years ago and we have barely made a dent in them despite many desperate attempts. I am convinced that they breed in the dark, creating new little tubes of joy for the vacuum cleaner to savour. Most of them go on the floor anyway.

In our future, I see many more bead princesses. But not bead horses, because I managed to over-iron this one and melted most of the pattern board.

Fresh mint tea, in a favourite mug - an idea I stole from a restaurant I visited with a friend. At home, it was not as good as I hoped it would be - not enough mint left on the plant, probably, or the wrong kind of mint, maybe. It looked gorgeous, however. And I hear you can also put honey in it...


  1. Shouldn't that be 'better latte than never' ?

    Hama beads - we still have thousands of them despite me sucking them up with the hoover at every available opportunity. They are fun to play with though.

  2. I gave up picking up the split hama beads long ago. The ones that don't go up the vacuum look quite decorative wedged between the floor boards.

  3. split should read spilt, obviously...although now I can't tell whether I've spelt spilt right from looking at it too much...

  4. Blimey, I didn't realise you could melt the boards. That gives me lots of evil ideas, heh heh heh.

  5. when we moved house the hama beads spilt in one of the boxes, and then leaked though a tiny hole as it was carried through the house, it was like a trail of brightly coloured breadcrumbs!
    off to check out the honey, which I have discovered makes porridge oh so more appealing x

  6. Good grief, does the entire PLANET want to advertise on your blog?

    And this hama business is new to me. Reminds me somehow of the Lite Brite I had as a child. Did you have such things?

    Glad somebody got around to noticing Chinese New Year. It was on my calendar but something happened.

  7. I remember those beads from when I was a kid. We used to get them everywhere!!

  8. I think Lynn needs to be furnished with Hama beads.

    Lovely blossom - I think I might half inch that idea for our Easter tree, which our eldest is already excited about. Sheesh!

  9. at least you made it.... I didn't even start the engine... doh!

  10. Hello! I bought those Ikea Hama beads for my eldest about 10 years ago...they haunt me and now my youngest insists on carrying them around in a bucket so it's going to start all over again!

  11. Hama beads! Somewhere we have thousands of colorful coasters and dogs and horses (but no princesses -- she's lovely!) I wonder where they've gone?

    Gung hay fat choi. Or something.

  12. Christine - I feel your pain. I really do.


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