Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ten lights

Jen tagged a handful of bloggers to come up with ten things which make them happy. Judging from everyone else's posts, animals feature quite highly so far.


1) Let's start with wine. White. I'm honest, at least. And I haven't got any pets.

2) Standing on one leg. This is a picture taken from a Clarice Bean book - I have a scan of the picture in a frame on the living room wall. I've been doing yoga since I was ill with ME a few years ago, and nothing feels better than a good tree. I really ought to thank you for the yoga, since I've done a couple of sponsored blog posts here recently which have paid for a few of my classes.

3) The backs of the Littlest Latte's knees. Really. You have never seen anything quite so spindly, so cute, and so powerful all at the same time. I get to watch them a lot, because she's always running off.

4) Eye candy. You can keep your Johnny Depps and your George Clooneys. This is my pin-up of choice - the lovely J K Simmons.

When Mr Coffee and I started going out in our early 20s, I saw all the actresses in which he had expressed an interest collected together in a magazine article called something like Fabulous Over Forty. I knew at this point that he was the man for the long haul.  J K Simmons is a similar call out to Mr Coffee - go bald! Develop deep and expressive lines!

5) Candles. I love candles. My first real job was as a reporter on a local newspaper: Mr Coffee and I lived in a couple of bedrooms in my mother's house, and I spent practically all my tiny income in an even tinier shop down the street from my office, which sold candles and a load of other stuff I never even looked at.  Come Spring, we noticed that the corners of our living room were completely black with soot.

I don't burn quite as many candles now, but the love has not left me. I do like a flicker in the corner of my eye.

6) My weekly date with Whispering Bob.

7) King Arthur. I love the Arthurian legends. Soon I shall tell you all about my big library book on the Holy Grail, and you can yawn behind your hands and pretend to be interested.

8) I'm going to say 'I love riding my bike', because I know that the power of positive thinking will cause me to make extra time to ride it this week because I said that. It will. I'm sure of it.

9) (Actually I'm in a bit of a read-anything phase. I'm happy with a book, a duvet, wine and a candle. But we're still trying to trick my subconscious with regard to number 8, so we're keeping this really quiet, okay?)

10) Anticipation. At some point I'm going to tell Eldest that I've booked her such a treat in summer that I know she will squeal for at least 20 minutes. I'm not kidding. I'm so looking forward to telling her, I'm saving it up like glee in the bank. Ssssh. I'm good for a few weeks yet.


  1. I'll take your tree and raise you a balancing warrior. My lunchtimes spent trying to stop small children falling over each other in the playground pay for my yoga lessons, and the yoga gets me though the most stressful of those lunchtimes. I think that's what they call win-win.

  2. I'm hopeless at standing on one leg and in my yoga classes I had to be near a wall to stop me toppling over. That was without wine.

  3. Lovely! The only animals in my list are small children but that's pretty much the same thing.
    I look forward to finding out what the treat is!

  4. That's a good list, that! Cheered me up. Wine, candles and anticipation: yes, yes and yes..(Listening to whales singing in the bath counts as pets, surely?)

  5. Jannette - To be honest, she lost me at the whales.

  6. I'm with you on the wine and candles. I have a slightly embarrassing collection of lanterns too.

    I like the sound of your glee bank.

  7. I think I need to take up yoga for beginners, we should talk about it on Friday

  8. That must be one big bath you have there Jannette.

    That JK Simmons is lovely isn't he? I love all the obvious ones too like Depp and Clooney but yes JK is gorgeous. Can't think of anything I've seen him in other than Juno though.

  9. Great list although I confess that Johnny Depp really is my man (and Rupert Sewell over the past three weeks)

  10. I am partial to Mr. Depp, but JK Simmons is another one that makes me give a deep sigh of satisfaction when he appears. Good luck with the bike thing!

  11. Simmons is okay, but he's no Dennis Franz.

  12. You lost me @ no.1
    I only drink red.
    Sometimes I can concede a bubbly.
    NO white.

  13. Ah, Paola, I used to love red wine. But then my body took against it, and I can only ever have one teensy glass.

  14. Number 4, indeed!

    I love bald men. Love.

  15. having just seen Jake Gyllenham in a movie at the cinema (and I mean... a lot of him... sigh) I cannot think of any other eye candy.

    I must go to yoga again.

  16. I love JK Simmons too, I thought he was all mine .. harrumph ...

    mmmmmmmmm bald men .... (but not bobby charlton comb-overs)

    I'm still guffawing at the idea of whales singing in the bath ...

  17. I feel so ashamed of my list now.

    Whispering Bob? Dear god.

  18. Wonderful list! Your initial idea of "wine" for all 10 was good though, too. I have a peculiar crush on Alton Brown...

  19. That's how my name shows up-annoying, isn't it? Like I'm the Queen of Colored Wax Sticks or something. So happy to find your blog! Very fun!

  20. I'm Crayon - no! no! I didn't mean who are you, I meant who is Alton Brown?!

  21. And now I can also be the Queen of Misunderstanding! He's the science-y nerd who hosts different shows on The Food Network. Maybe it's his glasses...

  22. Jk Simmons -wow!I've never known what he was called but have always liked his voice and his shouting bit at the end of 'Burn after Reading'. Consider that a community service, you've performed.

  23. Mm I hadn't thought too much aboutvit before but you're right! Kevin McCleod or Michelle Roux junior, could be that certain something..

  24. Red wine.

    I might have to stop right there because I also fundamentally disapprove of yoga and Benedict Cumberbatch is the man for me.

    On the other hand I understand all about anticipation of wonderful things so maybe we can be friends.


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