Thursday, 13 January 2011

Let's hear it for the Hearing Aids!

Wow! I am completely bowled over by the amount of comments I got on my last post about delurking. Aren't you all fantastic?

So many nice people! And lots with very good blogs to nose around. But above all, I was just so delighted with the comment from Hearing Aids, who called it a 'Superb blog post' and actually took the time to bookmark my blog in order to see "much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!"

Who knew that delurking was so close to Hearing Aids' heart? I did not see that coming.

Anyway, you may have to wait a bit for my next post, because Knitters Knitters tagged me with a meme about 10 things that make me happy. She must have known how miserable I naturally am. Ten things? And they can't all be wine?


  1. I expect some of them can be chocolate. Or cake?

    God I hate those spammy comments. I used to get those when I did weight loss posts. Needless to say I don't do weight loss posts anymore, or indeed weight loss.

  2. I don't really comment on blog posts, just occasionally, due to a lack of anything to say. I don't have a blog either, I'm sure nobody would ever look at it!

  3. I missed the delurking! I'm here- I'm here! And with a cordial invitation to boot! Add Wind in the Willows to the things you like and join us for fun and merriment next week!

  4. I'm also relieved that comments seem now something akin to what limited technical knowledge I have!

  5. Hello there. Choosing not to lurk without commenting again today. Aren't you proud of me? :)
    Have a great day,

  6. Ah 10 things, well blogging of course and making people smile, or at least I thought that was the intention of your blog.

  7. Wine and coffee? There's red, white, latte, cappuccino... You get my drift...

  8. Ms Aids was so encouraging! How lovely. 'Hearing' is an unusual Christian name though, isn't it?

    I have a meme to do too - only seven things though. I think they'll mostly be signs of Spring and confectionery.

  9. well clearly hearing aids need to be on the list x

  10. Jacqueline - we all have days when we have nothing to say. Sadly, I do know some people who will continue to talk, nonetheless!

    Anne - go you! I shall do a little dance.

    Helen - at least when blogging I can make people smile. I make them frown, often, in real life.

  11. At least Hearing Aids was complementary. I had a span comment which told me I was quite entertaining. Talk about damning with faint praise.

  12. Surely listing ten different varieties of wine would count? Though not sure I could come up with ten. Feeling rather unsophisticated now...

    K x

  13. Darlin' I've been reading your every post for a LONG time now. For some reason (WHY!?!) I never commented here, but there's no stopping me now ...

  14. Merlot, pinot noir, chardonnay, shiraz, cabernet, Kona, Kenyan, Colombian, milk, dark.

    Sheesh, do I have to do EVERYTHING for you??

  15. Ten January....hmmmm. The only thing I can think of is that it won't go on for ever. Time for more chocolate now.

  16. Frowning s'okay. IRL, I tend to make people laugh nervously and change the subject.

  17. I haven't even lurked for a while but something drew me here today so guess I'd better put my hand up and be counted.

    Wouldn't bother visiting my blog though - no activity there for months and no sign of it recommencing anytime soon. Work is such an inconvenience. Just wish I had Hearing Aids commitment and obvious zest for life.

    And now I have to fill in my blogger account details and I'm not even sure if I remember them.

    Nope, I can't - guess I'll just have to be anonymous!


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