Saturday, 1 January 2011

The lull

I've always loved the days after Christmas more than Christmas itself. A quick google reveals the term Twixtmas - there's even a website which encourages you to do worthy things with this time, like saving insects and giving thanks for things.

But for me, the point is to do nothing. In the Coffee House, Twixtmas is a time of relaxation - a pyjama day or two - and of subtle shifts in gear.

It's a time of new friendships...

... new skills 

... new games to play

... a few fights

... and uneasy truces.

The Christmas tree is still up, and will be for some time - in fact new decorations have made their way in, bought for a song in the January sales. I've got half a mind to sort out a nativity scene even at this late stage, which is something I'm feeling the lack of this year.

You'll find no 2010 round-up here - I'm more for looking forward, however unsuccessful this proves to be. This morning I've been swearing my head off over a monkey wrench and a rusty bike. Fancy playing a game of Guess the Resolution? It isn't hard.


  1. We finally caved in and bought a blanace board for the Wii. It's the most fun 30 minutes of "exercise" I've ever done.

    I have to say I struggle from now till the end of February. I suspect it may be the fact that I have always spent those two months on a diet ...

  2. Ugh, balance, not blanace. Perhaps I should have bought a self correcting keyboard instead.

  3. My younger son bought himself an XBox with his Christmas money. It arrived yesterday morning and I haven't seen him since. I was planning to let him gorge himself stupid on computer mayhem and then he'll be more than happy to back-pedal a little and reduce his screen time. That won't be a problem, right?

  4. Happy New Looking Forward :)

    ha ha ... my word verification is "greed"!

  5. I like the calm after the storm we're experiencing in the last few days too..

    Here's to a calm year. How about that?

  6. Junior monopoly is a great game isn't it? My heart sank a little when J got it from one of his friends for his burthday but it's been very popular around here so far!

  7. Junior monopoly somehow not quite as mean as the grown-ups version. We've also been very sloth-like during Twixtmas, after that frantic build-up to the Big Day it was what we all needed.

    Happy New Year to you and yours Coffee Lady

  8. Who is that odd person interacting with Henry VIII???

    Happy bicycling...

  9. I adore the time between Christmas and New Year and am more so as the boys get older. It is a great time for the family, even with all the issues we are having. We have a couple of junior monopilies (given by peoople) and the boys adore them. We are going to keep up our family games night this year, as we all love it. Oh and we got tons of playmobil too

  10. We seem to have had a pyjama week - today we got up so late we skipped breakfast and went straight into lunch. Back to school is going to kill us.

  11. Just found you blog through Trish@Mum's Gone To.. Love it. I shall look forward to following it in 2011. I hate the lull between Christmas and New Year because it's my birthday and no-one ever wants to go out to play :( May I add you to my blogroll?

  12. I'm with Ali, we seem to be having a pj week too! xxx

  13. Twixtmas is such a perfect name. Though unfortunately can't recall anything worthy I've done with my time this week! K x


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