Thursday, 1 January 2009

Still hanging on

We do the Twelve Days of Christmas in the Coffee House: a combination of Christianity and love of fairylights. I'm amazed that Christmas seems to have stopped for so many people. I'm amazed that all twelve of the stories in the Christmas Tales book, bought for the Lattes by my father, end along the lines of "and then they hung their stockings up and went to bed".

We're not finished yet! Look at these candles - why would we want to put them out? Look at the Littlest Latte, happily stickering in her Christmas book!


Christmas is a wonderful bubble. Mr Coffee has time off work, and we all bobble about the house aimlessly. There is time, lots of time, to do the things we don't get time to do during the school term: get out the Eldest Latte's paper-weaving set (at last, a use for those magazines), bake a more leisurely cake, watch a film.

And it is properly cold. So it makes much more sense to be making snowmen pictures now that the ducks on the canal are skating, and the garden is full of frost. Sitting down to do half an hour's activity in the middle of the day after Christmas is far more fun than spending Advent flinging tissue paper around at two cranky children in the thin sliver of time between school pick-up and the daily argument about whether or not they like their dinner.

Also, if it is still Christmas, we can still drink sherry without guilt. Everyone wins.


  1. I would never, ever deny a child the right to do her Christmas stickering. Just for the record. We're doing lots of aimless bobbling around here, too, and it's wonderful. Plenty of reading, having friends over to play, eating what's left of the stuff that's not part of our usual diet...And thanks to Grandma, each of us has a present to open every morning up to Epiphany.

  2. sounds lovely, I love those quiet days after Christmas but before school starts, with no plans, no rushing about to do, lots of new stuff to admire/read/watch, and best of all a fridge still full of leftovers, and of course whilst there's still Christmas cake to eat!!!!

  3. Absolutely Mrs Coffee - Still Christmas here!

  4. Our Christmas lasts till we've made and eaten our King cake on the 6th - which makes the transition back to school and work a little bit easier!

    I think we'll be eating Christmas cake till Easter though.

  5. You are a terrible influence - I have taken to swigging sherry at every opportunity. When the trumpet sounds at the Last Judgement I shall blame you.


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