Sunday, 10 October 2010


I hadn't properly realised this until recently, but I really do love a wood.

I like the leaves. I like the light.

I like the paths that lead towards something unseen.

Views are all very well, if they're there. But I can live without them.

There's always plenty to see without looking outside.



  1. Yes, that kind of wood is good. But scary ones where you can't see the edges and Things drop down the back of your neck... aaahhhg.

  2. I love the word "woods."

    So much more romantic than bush. Which I suppose is an altogether different grouping of trees.

  3. I do love a wood too. Your wood looks very much like my wood complete with view .... unless you've been to Shotover recently?

  4. Gorgeous. I like the smells as well, especially in the autumn.

  5. Beautiful photos.

    The third picture draws me in. I want to go and see where the path leads.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Views over woods? Difficult one, and I may have to get back to you on it...

  7. After an hilarious email exchange with TCL may I just clarify that by "bush" I mean our Australian version of "woods" !!!!!

  8. That middle image is my favourite by far. I've got a massive urge to find out where that path leads. We have a wood here. It's a baby though - only ten years old.

  9. I like how you call it 'a wood.' Veddy English.

  10. I love a wood too. I love how the light bounces on to the ground and then back up to the leave.
    Great photos.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog post the other day.
    'eh WTF' seems to have been the main response.


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