Friday, 15 October 2010

Lino cuts

Are you ready for this? This is proper craft. I know you're not used to this, here. I know you come to mock my crafts.

But Mr Coffee bought some easy-cut lino, and things moved up a gear.

He started by cutting little slabs of MDF to fit pieces of the lino. It is always pleasurable for a man to choose a hobby which includes sawing up bits of wood.

We created simple designs for our blocks, though it took a while for the Lattes to grasp the concept of 'simple designs'. Enthusiasm and complexity apparently go hand in hand. Eldest finally settled on a flower.

My original plan was a line of wine glasses, but as we know, I'm not the most talented artist. I abandoned the wine glass idea when Littlest squealed: "That's lovely Mummy! Is it a spade?"

Somehow I managed to produce a passable Little Dancing Man, in a John Travolta pose aimed at disguising the uneven length and width of his arms and legs.

The designs were copied onto the lino, and then the grown-up did the cutting. (I am not the grown-up. I do things with knives when chopping vegetables which make onlookers wince.)

The man was set free from his two dimensions, before being glued onto his MDF block.

Ink was rolled onto him, and he came alive.

Altogether now.

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