Friday, 29 October 2010

Days of rest

Thank you so much for your overwhelming response to my previous post featuring my Godfather-style birthday cake. I'm sorry not to have replied to everyone. The truth is, I have been away for a few days. About as far away as it is possible to get.

Apart from a couple of walks in the woods, you would mainly have found me in a chair next to a wood fire, reading a book, watching a clock tick away lazy hours.

It was a return to a much-loved place we had visited in summer. Because a woman has needs: for a minute's peace, for spiritual renewal, for cake.

The children? I do remember seeing them walk through the back of a wardrobe.

There were all kinds of things in there to keep them amused. Sword making, eating Turkish delight, fighting battles, that sort of thing. The kind of stuff that happens in Narnia, if you're lucky enough to go.

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