Saturday, 18 September 2010

Living on the edge

Gosh, I've been mixing it up a bit this week. (Isn't that what they say, the kidz?) I've been doing things differently. I've been saying YES to life.

For a start, I blithely entered a giveaway on the Thrifty Mrs blog to go to a fashion swop in Manchester, without even really having an idea what or when it was. Then I won. And found myself in a packed bar full of pink balloons being offered free drinks every time I moved.

The free drinks, by the way, turned out to be the point of the whole thing. They're low alcohol. Clearly I was not their target market.

(For anyone ever thinking of going to a clothes swop, my advice would be to do it in a friend's house with proper honest high-alcohol wine and people you know. Don't attempt to fight with sharp-elbowed youngsters for clothes you can barely see for the whizzing speed of their hands as they rip things from the rails.)

Louise Redknapp was there! And people were having their picture taken with her, so I did too! I have no idea for the life of me why!

And there were cakes! Many cakes! I said YES to many, many cakes!

And women offering free manicures! When the woman got hold of my fingernails, and asked if I usually had them filed oval or square (so discreet of her to ask, since it was quite obvious they hadn't been filed for years) I said "Oval. But - you know what - do them square!!!" I was really quite out of control at this point.

I took pictures of them against the fridge door for you, pretending it was the 1980s and I was shooting an album cover for Duran Duran.

Oh, and then today I bought a focaccia when I hadn't even planned to. I know! Who knows where this thing could lead?

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