Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Where I extend my grabby hand

When I started blogging, I discovered that some bloggers got sent stuff from marketers. I read about this phenomenon with detached curiosity - it wasn't like anyone was ever going to send anything to me. I read Friday Playdate on blogging with integrity, and imagined how cool and uninterested I would act if I was ever approached, in much the same way I used to imagine at five years old how I would grow up to be a ballet dancer.

And then one morning, after I had been staring at my face in the mirror and holding it up at the sides in the manner of a facelift, I saw that Olay were looking for blog reviewers for their Wake Up Wonder anti-ageing moisturiser. And I sent an email to the PR company, which might as well have read ''Give me the stuff, man. I need it. I need it real bad."

(I'd never have made it as a ballet dancer, either, to be honest.)

So they sent me three tubes of stuff in an envelope, which I ripped open whilst glancing around for potential predators.

The idea is that it wakes up your skin and irons it out as you stagger into the morning. It does feel refreshing as it goes on, and it's very light - I didn't think the hazelnut-sized amount they recommended would go very far, but it was enough. It disappears nicely, with no heaviness or stickiness, and feels very fresh.

My main criticism so far is that it has no SPF. I was a pale and freckly sort as a child, who spent most of the 70s and 80s, when we didn't care about sunscreen too much, getting my rather large, sticky-out-into-the-sun nose burnt to a total crisp. So now I do care about it. I tend to use this daily face protector instead of a moisturiser usually because of this. So I'm finding putting on a moisturiser, and then the sunscreen, and then foundation a bit of a faff, to be honest. I'd thought that anti-ageing products just had SPF as a matter of course.

A week later, I do think I look better. I haven't felt the need to do the makeshift-facelift thing at all today. But the thing about products like this is they remind me to do something. They remind me, just by their presence in the bathroom, that I did ought to take off my make-up before I go to bed and I did ought to exfoliate and I did ought to put my make-up on in the morning in the first place. So either way, that's a win.