Monday, 31 May 2010

In my day, all this were fields

A training course - and a train - took me back to Leeds, where I spent many happy hours as a teenager browsing for cerise, batwinged items in Clockhouse at C&A. 

Things are not the same. Clockhouse is long gone. The cellar steakhouse - the height of class for a dad-and-daughter meal out in the 1980s, where you could watch people's feet go past and pretend you were in the Cheers bar - has closed.

The sewing shop has turned into something completely terrifying.

Reaching the theatre venue, however, was more comforting. A very long time ago I had a first date there, to see Reece Dinsdale in The Revenger's Tragedy.

(Where I grew up, men who took you to the theatre were few and far between. The only choice open to me was to have his children.)

Strangely, a couple of months ago Mr Coffee went to someone's office for a meeting; on the wall was the poster for the very production we'd seen. 

Larkin's almost-instinct was right. What will survive of us is love. Not steakhouses, not sewing, but love. And, of course, Reece Dinsdale.


  1. Men who took girls to the theatre are still hard to come by - hold on tight!

  2. The sewing shop is likely to give me nightmares. Ew.

  3. I read Revengers Tragedy as an English undergrad. Loved it. And wasn't Mr Dinsdale a bit of a pin up once?

  4. Love and a few knockout wigs.

  5. Erm, I used to have a big crush on Reece Dinsdale. What was that sitcom he was in?

    Ah, I remember Clockhouse in the 80s....

    My Gran used to remember it in the forties, when it was called "C & A modes".

  6. I was riffling through Larkin yesterday, looking for Whitsun Weddings, but found something so sad I can't get it out of my head.

  7. Cannot get C&A batwings out of my head - it's a scary place to be!

  8. Love? That's nice.

    I'm more interested in which wig you bought (and are currently sporting.)

  9. I was thinking about batwings only this morning and feeling horrified to realise that I have now grown a pair of my own.

    And how in the name of all that's decent did Reece Dinsdale end up in Corrie? It's enough to make a grown woman weep.

  10. I'm sure I still have a batwinged top from C&A ... no wonder I can't keep up with Flylady! I must have hoarded it for 40 years!


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