Saturday, 26 September 2009

Breaking the habit

So every day this week I have sat down to write a post but can only come up with one train of thought, which goes like this:

Can you believe how busy I am? I am so busy.

Also I am tired. TIRED! Tired.

But very excited because I bought a new pan! After struggling for 10 years with the Good Wedding Present Pan which gradually went into decline but was Too Good to throw away. Then we melted a spatula to the bottom of it! Hoorah!

And the new one can go in the dishwasher! Which is great, because I am so busy. Did I tell you? And also tired?

Good. Busy, tired, new pan. So you're up to date.


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  2. Me too! but no pan and no dishwasher. :( x

  3. I am a sad enough kitchen geek that I want to know what kind of pan! What make! Saute? Frying? Stock pot? I have to know!!!!

  4. I so understand. And am also curious about the pan!

  5. So how did the first day of school go?

  6. of course you're tired and busy, new pans are hard work to look after you know...


  7. Hey, I could have written that post, except for the part about the pan. So next time I feel particularly busy and tired, I'll just cut and paste it.


  8. Since I am the world's most boring person I'm going to ask about the pan - we need to buy a new one and since whatever we buy is going to go in the dishwasher it would be good to know of ones that actively don't mind it!

  9. I don't care about the pan. I care about the drinking.

    What gives?

    Too tired to lift the glass to your lips?

    Here. Let me show you how.


    Now for another.

  10. Yes me too Eurolush. I may have to come and force feed you with vodka.

  11. Pitiful.

    If you are not careful I will type out loads of parentheses with a sweet message in the middle. I highly disapprove of such things but I think that it will provide the necessary shock to jolt you back into real life.

  12. If I too buy a new pan, will it distract me from how busy and tired I am?

    Please say yes.

  13. Well, I thought I had the monopoly on 'busy and tired' but it would appear not!
    No new pan but I do have a new set of kitchen scales...

  14. You must be a very important person to be so busy and so tired. Perhaps you should start posting your to-do lists; I've heard that that's a real bloggy crowd pleaser.

  15. Well, ah, it sounds very eventful. I just don't know what else to say. You could try being in a very bad mood -- that's what I'm doing. But I think that's tiring, too.

  16. take vitamins.

    drink red wine.

    cook good food.


  17. Your post was so funny...and yes, I often felt that way while raising our kids! And of course now, when I try to act like I am still 25!

  18. Hey that is essentially all I blog about...God, I'm tired.


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