Monday, 13 July 2009

Wish me luck, I'm going in

This week we are in the Bathroom Zone. And the words that strike terror into my heart: "and one extra room".

Sounds fair enough, doesn't it? After all, there is so much water about in the bathroom that it practically cleans itself, right? We can do another room too, surely?

Except the room opposite the bathroom is the Eldest Latte's room. It is a room of endless bits of paper which appear to be rubbish but are in fact Vital Plans and Special Posters, disembodied Bratz feet (you know when you lost the shoes from your Sindy dolls? This is worse - the whole damn foot comes off) and bedraggled My Little Ponies with bits of string around their neck, which appear to be be either makeshift bridles or nooses, depending on your mental health at the time.

The horror. The horror.


  1. No, no, no, the extra room is meant ot be the Laundry Room. Since I don't have one I decided to do extra in the kitchen which is where my washing machine is. D'you think the Flylady police will come to get me?

  2. I feel your pain. Just toss it all in the trash bin and be done with it. They'll never miss it!

  3. Ooh,good luck. The rooms of offspring are always best avoided in my opinion...

  4. hehe!! My son has a drawer full of litter. He calls it his "Memory" drawer ... ie: "I remember when I had that packet of crisps".. xx

  5. My entire house deserves the phrase

    The horror, the horror..

  6. urgh, feet that come off, that's freaky......

    good luck with the zones, I have abandoned all cleaning in favour of packing, and am just panicking about cleaning the house once everything is in the van - oh what cobwebs and monsters will I find lurking behind shelves, and under the beds.....

  7. I still have a headless Barbie or two, I'm sure...

  8. Some day I will post a picture of my youngest daughter's room, complete with stray bits of paper and an entire desk covered with dead flowers in jars which cannot be discarded.


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