Sunday, 12 July 2009


What a bad mood I was in this weekend. I don't know why. Don't ask me.

There was no reason. It was a perfectly respectable weekend. We went to see some art. The Littlest Latte took pictures of her view of the affair:

while the Eldest Latte followed the curator about asking intelligent questions, such as "What is that?"

Today I tried to shake off by bad mood with some very uncomfortable Kundalini Yoga (don't click on the link unless you want to give yourself neck-ache. Though the woman assures you it will get you out of a bad mood, the way it does this is by making you so uncomfortable that merely stopping will cheer you up.)

In the end the only thing that worked was going out into the garden and pulling things up. And humming the only song I know with the words 'wrecking ball' in it.

There should be more of those songs, I feel.


  1. Oh, dear. I guess we all have these days with inexplainable mood swings. Mine usually happen the day after I eat a lot of unhealthy sugary foods, like donuts. Donuts make me cranky.

    Glad you got out and about regardless of your mood. :)

  2. Marmite does this to me... booo. I love the stuff but can't touch it unless I want to turn into a psychokiller hormone woman from hell.. xx

  3. Okay, I couldn't watch the kundalini lady past all the pivoting and arm-swinging (the mountains were pretty, though). My preferred kundalini video is that one by the famous Fiennes lady. I do the workout about twice a year, and always feel refreshed. I also like Gurmukh, except I get distracted by her turban.

    Hope the week is better than the weekend. Oh, and I LOVED the Littlest Latte's photography!


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