Thursday, 18 June 2009

My new thing for today is... giving it up

I don't want to go to the supermarket any more.

I don't. The supermarket sucks. I sit down every week, make a plan of menus for things I actually won't want to cook, buy a load of stuff, pile it into the kitchen and then towards the end of the week go searching for my ingredients to find them going a bit weird at the back of the shelf.

Not to mention having to take a four year old who constantly badgers for yogurt drinks and Babybel cheeses and cereal bars and far too many apples and look look this juice in the little plastic cartons with the tiny straws look look look

No more. I go into town to work, I shall Pick Bits Up. I am casually optimistic that this will not mean living in a Mother Hubbard type establishment with no food to be eaten. We shall eat like kings! We shall dine on seasonal vegetables! We shall eat all kinds of new and different things as I create meals day by day with cheerful spontaneity! We will save thousands of pounds!

I actually don't know about any of these things. But small victories have already been won - the discovery of loose muesli, in various yummy-looking different mixes, which is sold by weight in the health food shop. Freedom from the tyranny of Cheerios! At least now when breakfast is swept up from under the kitchen table, it will be a more organic and less uniform shape. And it will not adhere to the floor.

Ah, so what if they don't actually eat it. Buying it is far more fun.


  1. DUDE. I hate the supermarket too. And I no longer have to take small children with me to it. But I swear, buying little nibbles at all the one-off shops all week long has cost me MORE money. Because everything looks so GOOD. Maybe I should just stop shopping altogether? Nah.

  2. Good point: what is it with the adhesive power of Cheerios? I can't get actual glue to stick bits of the boys' homework together (build a replica Jacobite cottage? Are you kidding me???)but Cheerios cling to any surface like cement. Weird.

  3. Every day in every way I give thanks for Ocado. Never again need I suffer the evil of Cheese Strings and Barbie magazines.

  4. You would be surprised how creative you can be when the only things left in the cupboard are gin and tonic.

  5. Our game is to try to go to one small store a day and make dinner from whatever we discover, plus stock up for the rest of the week. And I find that always carrying a little rolled up bag in my purse makes it all much easier.

    They have Barbie magazines in even the little stores here! Would love to see the inside of an Ocado.

  6. Have you read Shopped? It's scarier than 1984!

  7. But at least they eat cheerios.... :)

  8. Do it!

    I haven't shopped in supermarkets for about 6 years... unless I really haven't had another option. Mostly, though, there's another option. It can cost a little more, especially at first, but that's only because you suddenly find real choice and real food.

  9. My official reason for shopping at the health-food market is so I can buy stuff that's organic and gluten-free.

    My real reason is to avoid the nightmare of the Tabloid Assault at the checkout. Brangelina? Feuding somethingtuplet family? Auggghhh! Who cares!!

    (Word verif: dally.)

  10. You can send your kiddies here--mine live on Hannah Montana yogurt and babybel cheese and juice boxes. I haven't given up the supermarket in general, but I switched after Dana found a CHICKEN BRAIN in the fried chicken we bought from the deli section of our old market.


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