Saturday, 20 June 2009

Give us this day

Bread is letting me down.

The great Anti-Supermarket experiment has cracked because of bread. (Though, to be fair, we're talking about the lovely little North West chain of supermarkets, with the friendly smiling real farmers on the sausages, not the evil Big Supermarket).

Just for the record, when did bakery shops stop selling bread? When did they turn almost their entire business over to sausage rolls and gingerbread people?


  1. I know you bought white bread by mistake but I bet it was delicious.

    Or perhaps not?

  2. I bought my bread from the Farmers Market yesterday.

    (Pause for applause and smug smile.)

    p.s. the rest of my life I use sliced bread from the supermarket.

  3. You got a problem with gingerbread people? You could use two of them to make a sandwich.

    I guess you could always go gluten-free...

  4. You mean you're not baking your own? (*ducks to avoid a slap*)

  5. Bread -- with lots of butter. Maybe some cheese. Better than chocolate!

  6. Perhaps, bakeries stopped selling bread around the same time as garages started selling groceries, grocers started selling wines and spirits and Post Offices started selling insurance. All of these circumstances, by the way, probably coincided with the abandonment of the theory that the customer was always right.

  7. Bake your own! Great fun, great bread. You might have to tough it out once to get a huge quantity of flour and yeast, but after that you are set.

  8. It's all apple danish in my local bakery.

    They taste a bit odd toasted with marmite.

  9. Ok, not to be a bread evangelist and being new to your blog, but you have to try making your own with a recipe like

    Honestly, it is amazing. You make a big batch and then just tear off a bit every day (or twice a day, if you are me and are addicted to bread). I haven't bought a loaf of bread in 2 months.

  10. I don't know how to advise you on this. I find shopping impossible. Either I'm going to 27 different stores for things or -- actually, no matter what I do I have to go to 27 stores: one store for the cheap things (like plastic wrap or toilet paper), another for meat and milk. I can buy fruits and vegetables there, too, but they're expensive. I can get plastic wrap at the vegetable place, but it's expensive. The cheap store has terrible meat and even bad milk (how hard is that?) The cat litter at the expensive place is florally scented. It's very complicated, and then you have to actually cook the stuff, too, which I find to be a great imposition. So I wish you luck.


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